Fitness and Pregnancy

Written April 9, 2013 (14 weeks)

Staying active was the absolute best thing for me when I was pregnant with Maya … and I’m pretty sure it will keep me healthy and fit this time, too.

My routine really hasn’t changed since becoming pregnant. What has changed is the intensity at which I work/amount of weight I lift/moves I have modified. Continue reading “Fitness and Pregnancy”


Ah, in my 20s …

This past Sunday, I knew we were likely going to have a sub for Zumba. Since the Sunday class is during Maya’s naptime anyway, it’s usually easy for me to take an hour and get my fitness on. I figured I’d go and if the sub wasn’t one of the ones whose class I love, I’d just do the elliptical with one of my good friends and call it a day.

Sure enough, we did have a sub. So I got cranking on the Cybex trainers with the intent of doing 20 fast and furious minutes and then getting outta there. I was dying within minutes — I forgot how much I hate being “grounded” to a machine! Now that Zumba is my fitness routine of choice (3-5 classes a week), I really can’t stand the machines. Continue reading “Ah, in my 20s …”

What I’m Loving Right Now …

This …

She has been saying her own version of “thank you” for months now when we give her milk and stuff (trying to teach manners!!) but it always sounded like grunts, “ang oo” … and tonight, for whatever reason, it suddenly sounded clear as day [to us]. It was pretty funny–before I got it on video, she had been running around yelling it and we finally realized that’s what she meant! It’s incredible how quickly she is changing and growing up before our eyes. She really is a little person now — and it’s only just beginning.

Continue reading “What I’m Loving Right Now …”

The ROI on $86 Yoga Capris

Here’s my theory. I don’t have a perfect figure — not even close. But when I work out, when I wear form-fitting yet functional clothes ( pants and body-hugging long tanks), I feel like I move better and get a better workout. I feel leaner, stronger, more toned than when I wear a T-shirt and baggy pants.

Since beginning Zumba in May 2011 — where, instead of pounding the pavement outside or doing mindless spins on the elliptical, I dance in front of a mirror and 20 other women 3-4 times a week —  it’s been important to me to dress appropriately for class. I observed other women in the class and my instructor. Most of the gals, especially the “regulars” (and regardless of size) wear form-fitting yoga pants or capris and body-hugging tanks or Ts — clothing that allows them to move freely but also helps them watch their form, which is key during any fitness class.

As a result, I’ve been acquiring yoga pants and capris and tanks from Target, Gap, Old Navy — and they’ve been awesome additions to my fitness wardrobe. But I’ve always been curious about Lululemon. I’d heard such amazing things about their running/yoga gear and was eager to get in a store and try some things on.

This weekend, I lost my Lulu v-card in Chicago. It was truly life-defining. Continue reading “The ROI on $86 Yoga Capris”

Feelin’ Good … An Unexpected Confidence Boost

Life works in funny ways.

Years ago, I noticed a girl at the gym who was whittling away.  In this post, (during my very disordered phase) I talked about how instead of feeling jealous of her (as I assumed I would), I was, instead, in admiration of her dedication to the gym.

I didn’t know at the time she was a trainer, or a Zumba teacher … or that, soon, she’d be my Zumba teacher a few years later! Continue reading “Feelin’ Good … An Unexpected Confidence Boost”

Ode to Zumba

Dear Zumba, I love you.

Truly, I’m obsessed. In fact, I won’t go to the gym lately unless it’s for class. That one hour literally blows my mind. I totally forget about everything except what my arms, legs, hips and shoulders are doing. And they’re working. Continue reading “Ode to Zumba”