Time, Time, Time

Today over lunch a couple mommy friends and I were answering questions from a pregnant friend about the whole elusive work/life balance. We told her it’s so cliched but so true … pretty much everything changes when you have kids … even for people who genuinely didn’t expect it to. Which means something has to give if you want to maintain happiness in spite of said changes. Continue reading “Time, Time, Time”

Love Like None Other

<– After a prenatal “Baby Basics” class late this fall, I received this fortune.

At the time, it moved me to tears … and I had never even held her yet!  Yet nothing prepared me for something I experienced today with Maya.

First, she was on the swing and started to cry and all she wanted was to snuggle/nuzzle with me — it was the first time I felt truly needed and not in the sense of meeting her basic needs, but rather wanted. Like, she wanted me and my smell and body warmth — not because she needed to be changed or fed.

With her head buried in my chest and her knees curled up under her, I called my mom straight away … feeling all schmoopy. Continue reading “Love Like None Other”