Maya’s Second Home

I can’t sing the praises of Maya’s daycare enough. I’ve said many times how much I love the environment, the teachers, the webcam, her daily report cards, what she is learning, the socializing, the growth and development, the menus, the endless list of babysitters … I literally don’t have a single complaint about her school. Continue reading “Maya’s Second Home”


Murphy’s Law

*Disclaimer: I believe ALL moms work … whether they are stay-at-home moms, work-outside-the-home moms, part-time working moms,  you name it … ALL moms work. Just wanted to clarify before you read the article I reference below.*

Of course, it WOULD be that the day I planned to blog about this awesome article I read — “What NOT to Say to a Working Mom”would be the day Maya decides to throw me for a complete loop.

We were getting ready for school this morning and I asked her a question I ask her every morning: “Do you want to go to school today?”

Usually she grins and begins jumping up and down. “School!” and then ticks off her little friends she will see.

But today was different.

“NO. Want to to stay home wit MOMMY.” Continue reading “Murphy’s Law”

The Great Diaper Bag Evolution

Note: I originally wrote this with the Babble audience in mind, but haven’t submitted it yet. Since it can take them months to post something, I thought I’d share it tonight here on my blog for kicks.
As my confidence as a mom has grown, my diaper bag has shrunk. You could argue this inversely proportional observation is a silly one to make, but it’s completely true.

Before Maya was born, I carefully eyed the diaper bags I saw moms and dads carrying around. I saw some huge bags overflowing with sippy cups and Snack Traps, some cross-body bags, some backpacks, some bags that didn’t even look like diaper bags. At Babies R Us I was absolutely overwhelmed by the opportunities before me, and surfing around online was even more dizzying. Continue reading “The Great Diaper Bag Evolution”

She’s Growing Up … *Tear*

She’s growing up SO  fast!                                                            

In our house, Luis does drop-off and I do pick-up; it’s what has worked for us since I went back to work when Maya was three months old. And as recently as a month or two ago, the rare mom-does-daycare drop-off resulted in tears, all-out clinginess and shrill shrieks for mama. It took all I had not to cry myself when this happened. I knew a minute after I left she’d be fine, but still … tough stuff.

Yet it was always worth it because I knew at pick-up time, she’d come RACING into my arms thrilled to see me, or rush over crying and burrow herself into my shoulders — a position I’m fairly certain I could never get sick of. Continue reading “She’s Growing Up … *Tear*”

Benefits of Babyschool

Today marks one year to the date I returned to work following my 12-week maternity leave. My, how time flies …

Whenever I have second thoughts about sending Maya to babyschool (which is often, as I miss my peanut enormously …), I think of all the creative things they are doing with her that I just wouldn’t even think of doing. It pains to me say it, but for as much as I’m a writer, I’m otherwise not a very creative person. And her teachers — all early childhood education college or grad students (or former teachers, etc.) are serving as amazing examples for me. Continue reading “Benefits of Babyschool”