21 Month Update: Tapping In to Toddler Comprehension

Note: This post is more for my own records than anything else. If you aren’t interested in toddler talk, feel free to skip this post! I won’t be offended!

Confession: At 21 months of age, I have no idea what my child really knows.

Sounds horrible, right? But it’s the truth! I’m literally blown away each day by the things Maya is absorbing — be it at home, at school, out and about, from watching the occasional Mickey episode (yes, that’s how she learned the word “hot dog” long before she ever ATE a hot dog!). I imagine I’m not alone in this sentiment; other parents have to feel this way too, right? Or maybe it’s just me? Continue reading “21 Month Update: Tapping In to Toddler Comprehension”


Wants and Needs

When newborn babies cry it can mean one of a million things: hungry, tired, wet/dirty diaper, over-stimulated, under-stimulated, needing affection — to name a few. As we gain experience as parents, we learn to decipher the cries. By process of elimination we can deduce that if baby was fed and changed not 10 minutes ago … this cry must be a “tired” cry.

And in time, we learn our particular babies’ types of cries: the I’m-busting-your-eardrums-because-I’m-pissed-you-aren’t-holding-me-in-this-very-second wail is often very different from the where-the-hell-is-my-bloody-milk shriek or the why-haven’t-you-changed-me scream. Continue reading “Wants and Needs”

Bye-Bye Mama

Being I’m not with Maya 24/7 as I’d like to be sometimes, weekends take on a whole new level of pleasure for me. It’s time spent completely with her … undivided family time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sure, sometimes I miss the freedom and spontaneity of just going for coffee with a friend, hitting up a fitness class that I just found out about, or just randomly treating myself to a pedi without having to think “Crap, I can’t. Today Luis has XYZ, so we’d need a sitter.”

Nothing just “happens” anymore on a whim; things need to be planned out. Even weekend time requires some foresight. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love my time with her! Continue reading “Bye-Bye Mama”

Not Gonna Do It …

For what feels like forever now, I’ve been trying to get Maya to say “baby,” which was my first real word (besides “mama/dada”) at 11 months.

She understands what it means, for sure. If I ask her to bring me her baby, put baby in the stroller, give baby to Daddy — she does it. And as of the past two or three months, if I ask, “Where are baby’s eyes? Baby’s nose? Ears? Hair?” (She’d point at whatever I was asking for). So clearly, her comprehension of the word “baby” was good.

She is at that repeating stage now where she can’t exactly enunciate each word she is trying to say, but she can parrot back at least some of what she hears.

Yet try as I might, “baby” has remained elusive. Continue reading “Not Gonna Do It …”

Say “Cheese!”

Like her daddy, Maya LOVES cheese. As in, can’t get enough of it. All kinds. She’s a total cheese-head.

Luis was gone all week for work travel, so it was just me, Maya and Rocco holding down the fort. Tonight at dinner, I asked Maya where her cheese was. She pointed at it and then, for the first time, actually tried to say “cheese.” Multiple times. Continue reading “Say “Cheese!””

Talking Chub

Maya was not a preemie, she was just a baby on the smallish side — proportionally small. (See her first bath pic on the right)

Yet often when we’re out and about and people ask how old she is, they’re surprised to find out she’s five weeks and always, always, always comment on what a “peanut” she is and/or ask how much she weighed at birth.

I know they don’t mean anything by it … and it doesn’t particularly bother my husband. But it often makes me feel a bit uncomfortable as the mother, the milk provider, if you will — as though she’s still too tiny for her age.

So we’ve been doing weekly weigh-ins and in the past two weeks, Maya went from 6 lbs 7.5 oz to 7 lbs 2 oz … to 7 lbs 11 oz today (yes, many babies weigh more than that at birth, I know! Meh.)

Anyway, woo hoo: she’s growing! Continue reading “Talking Chub”