The Benefit of Raising Little Miss Sassafras, According to Sheryl Sandberg

There’s been a lot of media coverage surrounding Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Lean In. She’s been criticized in the press for being an elitest, for her privilege, for a whole slew of claims …ironic mostly because she apparently addresses all this criticism at the beginning of her book …

I haven’t read the book yet and wouldn’t be able to do a full review until I do, but it seems the crux of her argument is that women are their own worst enemies when it comes to the workplace, and that if we really boosted each other up more/supported each other more for our decisions, more women might have the opportunity to sit in the C-suite someday.

That is, if they want it.

And if they don’t, she argues, that’s OK too … we make our own choices. The bottom line is, we have no reason to sell ourselves short if we do want it, simply because of our gender. And, she argues, if we do want it, we need to lean in … not out. Continue reading “The Benefit of Raising Little Miss Sassafras, According to Sheryl Sandberg”


Eat the Damn Brownie

I want to share this awesome article I read at called Eating: A Manifesto that author and blogger Clare Mysko shared on Facebook today, which could be best summed up by this paragraph in the piece:

“Could we stop feeling ‘guilty’ for wanting an effing brownie? Or a plate of fries? Could we stop actively seeking permission from our friends to go ahead and ‘be bad’ and order the cheesecake? Could we all just go ahead and order whatever it is that we feel like eating, instead of saying, ‘Oh, I feel like a pig, you guys are just getting salads’?” Continue reading “Eat the Damn Brownie”

Feelin’ Good … An Unexpected Confidence Boost

Life works in funny ways.

Years ago, I noticed a girl at the gym who was whittling away.  In this post, (during my very disordered phase) I talked about how instead of feeling jealous of her (as I assumed I would), I was, instead, in admiration of her dedication to the gym.

I didn’t know at the time she was a trainer, or a Zumba teacher … or that, soon, she’d be my Zumba teacher a few years later! Continue reading “Feelin’ Good … An Unexpected Confidence Boost”

Happy f#@$!@ International Women’s Day

What a joke, seriously. International Women’s Day? HA… we women are being screwed left and right. It must be “Hate Women Week” or something, and it’s absolutely disgusting.

In the past week:

– Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown University law student activist a “slut” — simply because she advocated that insurance companies should cover contraception. (He subsequently issued an “apology” … what a joke).

-News came out yesterday about a bill in the Wisconsin state Senate that, if passed, would declare women who are single mothers or living together but unmarried “child abusers.

– Today, word on the street is a Kansas abortion bill would levy a sales tax on women seeking the procedure — regardless of the reasoning behind the woman’s decision …  including instances of rape!

And now Jezebel shared this gem: the Arizona state Senate wants to make it legal for doctors to lie to their patients about birth defects to “prevent abortions.” WTF?! I think no matter what side of the pro-life/pro-choice aisle you stand on, you can see why this law is absolutely heinous: it completely violates the Hippocratic Oath physicians live by!

Pardon my language but what the @#!@ is wrong with America?! Continue reading “Happy f#@$!@ International Women’s Day”

Wise Words from Dove Promises

“Happiness is an inside job.”

How true it is. That’s what the foil wrapper of my dark chocolate Dove Promise said today. Genius, isn’t it?

(Thank you, Staci, for having them in your candy bucket today when I NEEDED chocolate!)

My husband has often said happiness needs to come from within; it can’t come from someone or something else. He should know — he’s one of the happiest people I know and he grew up in a third-world country under some very difficult circumstances and still came out with an amazing, realistic but optimistic attitude toward life. In fact, it’s one of the things I admire most about him.

Yet all too often we want someone or something else to be the source of our happiness … we want to blame someone or something external for our lack of happiness or our failure to be content with what we have … when in reality, it’s ours to be had. Continue reading “Wise Words from Dove Promises”

Appalling Post @ Jezebel Re: College Date Rape

This post is also at WeAretheRealDeal and isn’t something I’d typically blog about here but I’m appalled and well, it’s my blog 🙂 — beware, foul language (not mine) to follow in this post.

As an American University alumna, I’m absolutely appalled at this story making the rounds on Jezebel today, “Date Rape is an Incoherent Concept: Blaming the Victim, American U. Edition.”

Located in our nation’s capital, AU is known to be a pretty liberal school. I’m usually so proud to be an alumna of such an open-minded institution — known for its diverse student body and a reputation of producing politically and socially active alumni who do great things all over the globe.

As you can imagine, this is NOT the kind of news you want to share from your alma mater.

But it’s not something I want to see kicked under the rug, either. Continue reading “Appalling Post @ Jezebel Re: College Date Rape”

Body Image Role Models of Olympic Proportions

With 31 World Cup victories under her belt, Vonn is already the greatest female skier in U.S. history. She's being marketed as the "Michael Phelps" of the Winter Games.

This is a cross-post over at You can view it here or after the jump. Continue reading “Body Image Role Models of Olympic Proportions”

Haircuts and Self Esteem on Salon Saturday

Note: This is a cross-post at today.

There are only two things in this world that I’m really high-maintenance about.

One is, obviously, food (though I’m getting muuuuch better about it/more flexible/more adventurous/less high-maintenance) and the other — the more critical by far–is my hair.

And no, it’s not because I’m “vain like that.”

The truth is, as a naturally curly red-head, I’ve struggled with my God-given color and ringlets since early childhood. Continue reading “Haircuts and Self Esteem on Salon Saturday”

An End to Hollywood’s Double Standard?

In this blog post, Gawker contends actor Gerard Butler’s belly will be the end to Hollywood’s beauty double standard.

I’m not so sure, but I hope we’re making some headway here toward ending the double standard.

Per Gawker,“Paparazzi pictures of 300 stud Gerard Butler looking all fat in Barbados have everyone in a tizzy. Finally it seems male celebrities will be held to the same impossible body standards as their female counterparts. Thank God.”

To be honest, I don’t like that they called Butler “all fat” … but it’s pretty obvious that he’s no longer sporting those 6-pack abs of his 300 days … And frankly, I disagree a little with Gawker’s post in that I’m not so sure he needs to be all chiseled all the time.

Continue reading “An End to Hollywood’s Double Standard?”