Happy f#@$!@ International Women’s Day

What a joke, seriously. International Women’s Day? HA… we women are being screwed left and right. It must be “Hate Women Week” or something, and it’s absolutely disgusting.

In the past week:

– Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown University law student activist a “slut” — simply because she advocated that insurance companies should cover contraception. (He subsequently issued an “apology” … what a joke).

-News came out yesterday about a bill in the Wisconsin state Senate that, if passed, would declare women who are single mothers or living together but unmarried “child abusers.

– Today, word on the street is a Kansas abortion bill would levy a sales tax on women seeking the procedure — regardless of the reasoning behind the woman’s decision …  including instances of rape!

And now Jezebel shared this gem: the Arizona state Senate wants to make it legal for doctors to lie to their patients about birth defects to “prevent abortions.” WTF?! I think no matter what side of the pro-life/pro-choice aisle you stand on, you can see why this law is absolutely heinous: it completely violates the Hippocratic Oath physicians live by!

Pardon my language but what the @#!@ is wrong with America?! Continue reading “Happy f#@$!@ International Women’s Day”