Learning When to Hold ‘Em

sick_in_bedAs you know, I’ve not been able to exercise since being sick with H1N1. This means I have not moved since my 4.5 mile walk (in heels) through Detroit Metro airport Tuesday night .. six days!

Seriously, unheard of for me.

I admit that for a fleeting moment it drove me a bit batty to realize I’m not burning*anything* through physical activity — all I’m doing is moving from the couch, to the tea kettle or fridge, to bed, to the toaster.  

But I quickly got over it when my rational brain spoke up and said, “Hey, you’re sick, cut yourself some slack. The gym will be there next week.” (or whenever).

Though I feel a lot better today (each day I’ve felt progressively better), I am listening to my body and not pushing myself. Continue reading “Learning When to Hold ‘Em”


Even “Know-it-Alls” Need Refreshers

personaltrainerexerciseball2I’m a self-titled fitness and nutrition buff.

I was active as a kid between four types of dance and cheerleading.

I’ve been running and lifting weights on and off since freshman year of high school.

I worked out pretty regularly in college, and then once I started Weight Watchers Online in 2004, became an official gym rat.

I religiously read fitness and health magazines, books and blogs. When a new study comes out, I read it. Six months later when another study comes out to refute said study, I read that, too. I ponder, I discuss, I … ok, I admit it, I obsess.

I know what foods make my body happy, and the amount of exercise that makes my body happy … but I don’t always do either of them (though I eat mostly clean, I have a penchant for honey wheat pretzels, Chex mix and animal crackers … and I tend to exercise more than I should. Plus, I am not lifting regularly right now which I know makes my body happy).

Which basically means I know what to do … and am not always doing it.

And so, for the first time in my life, I’ve decided to ask for help in the fitness department. I mentioned a couple posts ago about how my employer is giving us each an annual wellness fund, following a general wellness exam which we completed last week.

I gave it some thought and since I already pay my gym membership and WW Online memberships, I plan to use mine for something above and beyond the norm for me: a personal trainer. Continue reading “Even “Know-it-Alls” Need Refreshers”

The “Whole” Picture

untitledSometimes I get hung up on my weight, and it takes a more holistic look at my body composition to make me see my body for the “temple” it really is.

Sure, I’m X lbs from where I want to be, but yesterday I had a wellness/biometrics screening at my husband’s employer (and have another one at my employer next week!) and I found out, I’m healthier than I think.

Though I’m borderline again for BMI (given my gain since last year), the goal the nurse set for me is exactly the goal I had in mind. It’s doable, and won’t kill me to get there.

My blood pressure, glucose, tryglycerides were all great. My good cholesterol (HDL) was up a point (hurrah!) and my bad cholesterol (LDL) was in the desired range. My total cholesterol was bumped a little (the nurse said due to the HDL), but again, the ratio was still in the desired range. (Phew!)

The overall message was I’m not as badly off as I feel sometimes. Continue reading “The “Whole” Picture”