18 Months … A Weighty Discovery

I am sure there is no way my baby is 18 months old already: a climbing, attempting-to-jump, monkey-who-repeats-everything-she-hears, spinning around, feet-stomping (in song), gleeful little double-dimpled fashionista. Where has the time gone??

I keep hearing the reprise of “Sunrise, Sunset” in my head and we aren’t even at the 2-year mark yet!!!

She is a labyrinth of wonder — every day she amazes us with what she knows or does or says. Today she said “mommy” for the first time (vs. her usual “mama”) and actually blew her nose into a Kleenex a couple times when I asked her to (vs. just dabbing her nose with said Kleenex).

It’s mind-blowing how much, at this age, they absorb.

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The Big Man Laughed at Me

You might recall my post from yesterday where I asked G-d to please create one more hour in my day (preferably between 5:30-6:30/7 PM) so I could spend more time with Maya.

Well, he clearly heard my plea and had a good laugh at my expense.

Last night, we were up from roughly 2 AM on and off til 4 AM and then again at 6 AM.

Hardy har har, Big Man! We got plenty of time together … just not the kind of time I’d been hoping for!

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