Journaling for Success

This weekend I had lunch with a dear friend I met online through Weight Watchers several years ago. Since then, our friendship has extended well beyond the realms of dieting and weight loss, and I’ve come to consider her a really awesome friend.

We got to talking about journaling and, knowing that — weight loss, maintenance, or gain, I’ve been a diligent journaler — she asked if I still kept a food journal/tracked my Points. Continue reading “Journaling for Success”



I began Weight Watchers (online) in 2004 completely alone. My mom had had success with the program, and I had a feeling if I just gave it a go, it’d work. Being in a long-distance international relationship, with family far away, all I had to focus on was myself and my friends. It was the most selfish time of my life and, admittedly, that’s partially what I credit to getting me to my goal in December 2004. I lost 35 pounds and was a lean (but solid) size 6.

What also helped me get to goal with this fabulous group of women I met online in September 2004 on the Weight Watchers message boards. We dubbed ourselves the Weekend Sabatogers. We’d post several times a day on our thread sharing menu ideas, workouts, weekly weigh-ins (WI) and Weight Watchers-related stuff at first. But in time, we grew closer and shared much more personal things, celebrating each other’s joys as well as not-so-joyful times. Continue reading “Accountability”

To Buy or Not to Buy [a scale] …

That is the question.

I haven’t stepped on the scale in about two months now — and lord knows I ought to (I’ve been eating a ton of extra Points per week + travel + minimal workouts).

But when I finally mustered up the courage to check on the damage this week [yes, I am deliberately choosing “damage”], I was greeted with a big fat nothing: our scale was broken.

I’ve had this particular scale since 2006, so it has had a pretty long shelf-life … but we keep it in the bathroom and, well, moisture + electronics don’t tend to go hand in hand. In other words, it was bound to die at some point … I just didn’t expect it to be now — when I actually wanted to see where I stood!

Le sigh. Continue reading “To Buy or Not to Buy [a scale] …”

Sheer Surprise on the Scale

Confession: I haven’t stepped on the scale since September — Yom Kippur, the one day of the year where we  Jews fast, to be exact.

(Heck, I figured if ever there was a time to see where I stood, it was then).

Prior to that, I hadn’t weighed in in, oh, maybe two months. Truth be told, I just didn’t want to know and was trying to just “get normal” … so weighing in just wasn’t a priority.

I was trying to shy away from the numbers, the obsession.

And it’s been a positive shift, for sure. 

Continue reading “Sheer Surprise on the Scale”

2 Great Articles to Share

Friends have shared these two articles with me recently that I wanted to pass along. Since I still have zero energy and my brain cells seem to be dying by the day here as I sit here and try to get better … I’m not going to analyze them but rather just share them, verbatim. I’d love to know what you think, though!!

The first, courtesy of Allison, is “Training the Mind to Run Right Through Winter.”
-The premise here is that while some people stop their exercise routines in cold weather, there are also people who continue to push through. I know I tend to prefer indoor workouts when it’s really cold out, but then when it’s a nice-ish winter day, I love to squeeze in a bike ride, run or walk–it can feel invigorating. I don’t mind the cold, so much as snow/ice. How about you? Do you run or exercise outdoors regardless of the weather?

The second, courtesy of Yasmin, is “Why Exercise Doesn’t Lead to Weight Loss.”
-The premise here is that exercising can help with maintenance but doesn’t necessarily boost weight loss. I agree with that assessment; I know eating less is really what helped me lose weight and that if I didn’t work out the way I do (when healthy and not with H1N1, that is) I’d probably have gained it ALL back vs. just some of it. How about you? Do you think exercise helped you lose or maintain better?

Thanks, girls, for your contributions. How did you know these would come in handy? 🙂

Upcoming: Weight Watchers Unveiling New Program Sunday

From what I’m hearing through the grapevine (as I’m an online-only member) on December 7, Weight Watchers will unveil its (much-hyped but unknown-as-of-now) new program.

Each December, the company tweaks its current programs, and then every two years or so, the brains behind the program come up with an entirely new plan, often disbanding an existing plan in favor of a new one.

Some people stick to what they love and have had success with; others embrace the new plan with gusto.

Let’s be honest … after Thanksgiving and before Christmas/New Year’s, many people are desperate to try anything.

In no way do I know what this new plan will be. But I have to admit, I’m excited to see what it has to offer. I like to see how the program has evolved since I began WW in 2004. Continue reading “Upcoming: Weight Watchers Unveiling New Program Sunday”