18 Months … A Weighty Discovery

I am sure there is no way my baby is 18 months old already: a climbing, attempting-to-jump, monkey-who-repeats-everything-she-hears, spinning around, feet-stomping (in song), gleeful little double-dimpled fashionista. Where has the time gone??

I keep hearing the reprise of “Sunrise, Sunset” in my head and we aren’t even at the 2-year mark yet!!!

She is a labyrinth of wonder — every day she amazes us with what she knows or does or says. Today she said “mommy” for the first time (vs. her usual “mama”) and actually blew her nose into a Kleenex a couple times when I asked her to (vs. just dabbing her nose with said Kleenex).

It’s mind-blowing how much, at this age, they absorb.

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Sick to my stomach after reading this headline

“Vogue writer puts 7-year-old on a diet.”

Please read the BabyCenter.com article in its entirety … it warrants a complete reading and I can’t analyze it piece-by-piece but couldn’t NOT address it.

One of my biggest fears about having a daughter, in particular, is transferring my [past] food issues onto her. While I’m past the years of overexercising and disordered eating, I’ve shared that sentiment before, and now that Maya is eating pretty much everything, I’m very aware that how I eat/what I eat is resonating with her. No, she can’t rationalize food choices yet –but she whimpers “uh uh” for whatever we are eating.

She loves to eat, and she seems to be growing just perfectly within the same curve as she did in the womb — “on the small side of normal.” Continue reading “Sick to my stomach after reading this headline”

Post-Partum Weight Check-In

So you probably guessed a post like this was coming. I mean, I experienced pregnancy from a recovering disordered eater perspective and I think all in all, I did a great job gaining what I needed to gain for Maya’s growth and development… but it’d be kind of nutty for me NOT to mention how I’m feeling from a body image perspective.

And the funny truth is … I have never felt better! OK, a little lie … I felt amazing at my goal weight … but this is a whole new kind of incredible. My body made a baby! Grew a baby! Birthed a baby! I’m still kind of blown away every time I look at Maya and look into her deep blue eyes, wondering what she’s thinking (if anything). Continue reading “Post-Partum Weight Check-In”