NEWS FLASH: Michigan’s Out of Hibernation!

michigan-road-mapThis was the first true spring weekend here in Michigan, and it seems like the whole state was outside.

See, I’m not used to eternal winters. I’m used to four seasons. I grew up on the East Coast (northern N.J.) and went to college/grad school in D.C. In both places, each season is about four months long, and the winters are harsh, but not always terrible; the summers hot, but not always brutal.

Now I live in Michigan, where our first snowfall came in October and we just had our last dusting just two weeks ago — in April. Um, yea. Let me tell you, for as much as I dislike half a year of winter, my Salvadoran husband really doesn’t dig it!)

In our three years of living here, I think it’s safe to say that we have a loooooooooooooooooong winter, a flirt with spring, a hot summer, a rendezvous with fall (bursting colors, quite gorgeous) — and then winter comes … covering the leaves before they’ve all fallen off the trees … And we repeat. Continue reading “NEWS FLASH: Michigan’s Out of Hibernation!”


Owning It; Living It

NT1594883I really gave the words my friends and family shared with me last week a lot of thought this weekend. Knowing how much they all care really means a lot, and I think in a way I needed the push.

With time to process it, and also time away from work and the daily grind, I found myself surprisingly not dwelling on it or analyzing everything to death, but rather on just “being” and going along for the ride and seeing where it took me.

Typically, on Saturdays, my husband and I both do our morning exercise (running or biking together in non-frigid weather; or racquetball for him at the Y/the gym for me the rest of the time) and then clean the house, eat, do yard-work or whatnot.

But right now, he’s doing this 6-week Sat. class to earn 1.5 credits towards his MBA (which he’s doing part-time in the evening MBA program at Univ of Mich.), and so I have all morning til about 2 on my own for the next few Saturdays.

So I decided to go against the grain (being a creature of habit, this was big) and instead of rushing to get that workout in first-thing like I usually do, I let myself sleep til 9 (though I did feel him kiss me goodbye at 7 when he left for class!) and began massive cleaning, organizing all my new Lia Sophia business materials. Continue reading “Owning It; Living It”