Jennifer Hudson: Focusing on HEALTH, not weight … for Weight Watchers

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Fending Off Negative Feelings

This is a cross-post at WeAretheRealDeal re: Fitbloggin!

What a weekend! MizFit, Marsha, YumYucky and I spoke on a body image panel at Fitbloggin in Baltimore this past weekend.

(Were you there?! If so, let us know — and thank you for coming; it was a blast!!)

Fitbloggin was a fitness/wellness blogger conference organized by Roni, and it was an amazing time!!

Seriously, a wonderful experience and so nice to meet Marsha and YumYucky, and to see MizFit and Roni again (I met them at a blogger meet-up in Chicago in ’08).

Anyway, though we didn’t have a huge turnout at our break-out session (our time slot had us up against book authors) it was an intimate and engaged crowd and an overall awesome experience.

Our topic was body image and blogging: what are we teaching our kids.

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Navigating an Identity Crisis

I know I said I wouldn’t blog the rest of this week, but I wrote this post for WeAretheRealDeal and wanted to share it here, as well. You can read it here or after the jump.

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Being Mindful of Size Sensitivities

32103517_RuffledfeathersThough the dialogue was very respectful and, in the end, very fruitful … my post yesterday at WeAretheRealDeal unfortunately ruffled some readers’ feathers.

And I can’t help but feel bad about it today.

What did I do? Well, I named sizes … and called a 10 “average,” which made some readers who are bigger than that (and happy there!)  feel bad about themselves.


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