Not Gonna Do It …

For what feels like forever now, I’ve been trying to get Maya to say “baby,” which was my first real word (besides “mama/dada”) at 11 months.

She understands what it means, for sure. If I ask her to bring me her baby, put baby in the stroller, give baby to Daddy — she does it. And as of the past two or three months, if I ask, “Where are baby’s eyes? Baby’s nose? Ears? Hair?” (She’d point at whatever I was asking for). So clearly, her comprehension of the word “baby” was good.

She is at that repeating stage now where she can’t exactly enunciate each word she is trying to say, but she can parrot back at least some of what she hears.

Yet try as I might, “baby” has remained elusive. Continue reading “Not Gonna Do It …”