Have a Little Faith …

Today was our 32-week ultrasound with the perinatology unit at the hospital.

It isn’t standard operating procedure necessarily to have an ultrasound at this point (usually the 18-20 week anatomy scan is the last) but this was a follow-up to the fetal echo and anatomy scan we had done at 21 weeks and it’s always exciting to see Maya on the screen! (Isn’t she cute?!)

She’s been wiggling and moving and hiccuping and kicking/punching me lots (keeping me up at night … good prep for mommy-hood, no?) and it was cool to see how she’s positioned —  head down, lying comfortably on her side with her spine on my left side, which explains why most of the movement I’ve been feeling is on my right side. She kept her face down throughout most of the scan (boo!), where the tech checked her measurements and organs and everything and it all looked normal and good and healthy — whew!

But she’s measuring on the small side. As in, 17th percentile small. Continue reading “Have a Little Faith …”

IVs, Gowns, Wands, Oh My!

451px-Hospital_sign_svgI guess this isn’t the week for me to be blogging about disordered eating. My apologies in advance, but this is life and, well, stuff happens.

I’ve been MIA because I spent Monday night at urgent care … and then five hours last night in the ER.

Backing up to Saturday afternoon — I started having these major stomach pains, coming from my lower abdomen.

It felt like pain just radiating across my tummy to my lower back, etc.

But by Sunday, everything in my abdomen felt tender to the touch, I was bloated and my tummy was distended. I had little appetite (which means something is wrong; as my dad says, I was born hungry), and knew something was wrong.

I wasn’t nauseous or vomiting — which are traditional flu-like symptoms. But it felt like a GI problem, or perhaps involving something worse (appendix, kidneys). Continue reading “IVs, Gowns, Wands, Oh My!”