Have a Little Faith

Motherhood is nothing short of amazing. Every day, literally, Maya is doing something new.

The fact that we’re born with zero capabilities needing every single need met by another and, in time, learn and grow … it’s just baffling. A complete mind-!#@!#.

The first big milestone was smiling at six weeks … cooing … lifting her neck from a laying down position … tracking (i.e., deliberately following with her eyes) …but she was still pretty much just lounging a lot.

Well, she’s been a woman on the move ever since!

Kicking and waving her arms like crazy, pushing off on her legs when we stand her up (she’s totally going to be a soccer player/ballerina ;)) smiling huge grins, turning to our voices, recognizing my husband and I when we come and go, “talking” to us (and we talk back), deliberately sucking her fingers (and putting her fist in her mouth, as in this pic), batting at her toys, starting to touch things, putting her infamous giraffe pacifier (and blankets, her shirt, etc.) into her mouth (i.e., learning cause and effect)… it’s seriously mind-blowing. Continue reading “Have a Little Faith”


Random Round-Up of Ramblings

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was awesome — beginning with seeing Inception, which was absolutely mind-blowing, bewildering and excellent. I didn’t get about 90% of it during the movie, but after, caught on 😉 Definitely a confusing plot and subplot(s).

It was a weekend filled with hubby-time, friend-time, parties, impromptu dates, and puppy-time 🙂 Overall, feeling great!

A couple things to report in today’s totally random post.

First of all, I was soooo touched to see fellow WeAretheRealDeal contributor and blogging buddy Candice’s blog post today where she names my blog among her top five Blogs with Substance.

“Lissa is one of my fellow bloggers at We Are The Real Deal (well, okay, she blogs there a zillion times more frequently than I do) and I love seeing what she has to say on both of those sites and Twitter.  She and her husband recently adopted an adorable puppy named Rocco . . . and she also recently announced her pregnancy!  For those of us who have struggled with food issues, pregnancy can be a nervous time.  I love reading her thoughts about the experience; it always makes me think even more about my own experiences (a trait of a great blogger).”

Candice, I am so touched–and love reading your blog, especially about your adventures with Nate!! 🙂 Thank you for this tremendous honor!! Continue reading “Random Round-Up of Ramblings”