… Questioning “Recovered”

Last week I mentioned how happy I was to feel “recovered” in that I recognize when others are being obsessive and it annoys me.

And while I’ve never fooled myself into thinking my issues were gone, yesterday I had the sharp realization that I’m not 100% there yet. Continue reading “… Questioning “Recovered””


Candy Hoarder/Sweet Tooth Fiend

If this boy was a girl ... it'd be me, circa 1988.
If this boy was a girl ... it'd be me, circa 1988
From our earliest memories, every Halloween and Easter and Christmas (ok any holiday where candy was involved), my brother, sister and I would sit down in the living room, bags, pumpkins, stockings, baskets turned upside down and trade loot while our parents watched on in amazement at how disciplined we were in our execution of the mighty trade.

We never fought about the deals being made (even as we got older), and if my mom said, “You can eat just one piece now!” we listened to her.

My brother, 27 now, always let my sister (25 now) and I have the best candy — he’d trade us his chocolate or jelly beans for nasty Sweet-tarts or Bottle Caps or Mary Janes.

To this day, he is like that; an absolute giver. I’m ashamed to admit it, but the more I think about it, I’m a taker. Especially when it comes to candy. Continue reading “Candy Hoarder/Sweet Tooth Fiend”

Au Revoir: Tossing Triggers

What's your trigger?
What's your trigger?
Depending on where I am mentally or emotionally, sometimes I can have a bag of pretzels at home for two months without going near them or thinking about them …

Other times I can enjoy a small handful now and then and be done with them …

And other times, I can’t get them in the trash quickly enough.

I hate to be wasteful, and I realize how awful it is to throw out food (why buy it in the first place?!). But I liken “what is a trigger food” to how sometimes my IBS (which has been much better the past five years on WW) can flare up from eating, say, tomato sauce one day, and the next day I’ll be fine with it …

In other words, what might be a trigger today might definitely not be tomorrow. And it’s nearly impossible to predict, which makes playing “defense” hard. Continue reading “Au Revoir: Tossing Triggers”