A little getaway

I love to travel, and love traveling with my family.

That being said, there is something really nice and refreshing about traveling solo for work. I’m sure I might feel differently if my job kept me on the road and away from my family often, but the fact that it doesn’t means that the occasional business trip for meetings or a conference becomes a genuine treat. An exception to the rule. Continue reading “A little getaway”


Distance + Sadness

This weekend, my parents came out to visit us from New Jersey and when they left, I was a bawling mess. I am 33, a mother myself … and I cried like a baby after we said goodbye.

The fact that it was cold and miserable and raining here all day completely suited my mood. I felt sad for those whose Memorial Day barbecues and picnics and parades were tainted, but secretly I was happy for a legit excuse to stay inside our new (still-in-process-of-unpacking) casa. I just didn’t feel like doing much of anything.

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Wise Words

I’d love to say we read to Maya every single night before bed, but we do read all the time — just not always right before bed. Anyway, we always let her pick which books she wants to read and the other night she surprised me by choosing one we’d never read: Dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go, which happens to be one of my all-time favorite books.

It was a copy my mom had given me minutes before I boarded the plane for my semester in Buenos Aires my junior year of college (July 1999). As I opened the book and saw my mom’s beautiful handwriting on the inside cover, I couldn’t help but smile — I hadn’t looked at those words in a decade or more. Continue reading “Wise Words”

The Great Diaper Bag Evolution

Note: I originally wrote this with the Babble audience in mind, but haven’t submitted it yet. Since it can take them months to post something, I thought I’d share it tonight here on my blog for kicks.
As my confidence as a mom has grown, my diaper bag has shrunk. You could argue this inversely proportional observation is a silly one to make, but it’s completely true.

Before Maya was born, I carefully eyed the diaper bags I saw moms and dads carrying around. I saw some huge bags overflowing with sippy cups and Snack Traps, some cross-body bags, some backpacks, some bags that didn’t even look like diaper bags. At Babies R Us I was absolutely overwhelmed by the opportunities before me, and surfing around online was even more dizzying. Continue reading “The Great Diaper Bag Evolution”

A Journey to Remember

Sorry to sound like a whiner, but I am so exhausted and ridiculously jet-lagged.

I need to go to bed stat, but wanted to share a few trip highlights relevant to my blog’s messaging.

You can check out my photo albums on Facebook here and here.

*Also here!* New album with hubby’s pics!

(Please let me know if you can’t view these albums — Facebook says I should be able to share them!) The pictures tell the stories best, and there’s a little commentary, too 😉

Here’s my round-up of food, drink and exercise related to my trip.

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Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zones

This is a cross-post over at WeAretheRealDeal today. You can read it here or after the jump.

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Bring On the Bagels!

Happy belated Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I am back from visiting my family in New Jersey. 🙂 We had a wonderful time doing what we do best: gabbing and noshing!

I  love my family so much and hate how far apart we live from each other.  The only person missing was my brother — but we’ll see him in 12 days in Korea 🙂

Anyway, we got in way too late for me to even think about blogging last night, so I figured I’d squeeze in a post tonight while my hubby is at class.

From a disordered eating recovery perspective, this weekend was, for all intents and purposes, a delicious carb-fest — and I enjoyed every bite. Continue reading “Bring On the Bagels!”

To Korea or Not to Korea?!

A few months ago I talked about my need to cut down my Diet Coke consumption with the goal of saving money to go visit my brother in South Korea.

While I’ve cut back quite a bit (yea!), sadly, my savings account isn’t much more padded than it was in October (mostly due to the holidays and a plane ticket to N.J. that set me back some).

But all hope is not lost. Continue reading “To Korea or Not to Korea?!”

On Top of the World, Repost

On top of the world" at the highest peak of Huyana Picchu
My favorite pic. I call this 'on top of the world.' Atop the highest peak of Huyana Picchu.

I decided to repost one of my most favorite blog entries at WeAretheRealDeal.com today.

I had originally posted it here last summer, but since my readership has changed/grown, I thought it’d be a good one to re-post and share for two reasons.

One, it’s body-image related and two, most people probably hadn’t read it when I originally posted it. Plus, hey, it’s my fave 🙂

It is called “On Top of the World,” and it’s about my life-changing experience climbing Huayana Picchu (the peak opposite Machu Picchu) when I was in Peru in 1999. 

I hope you like it.

Fascinated by Flamenco … and Oaxacan Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

Friday night's cocktail dress
Friday night's cocktail dress
We’re back from our friends’ incredible wedding weekend in Oaxaca, Mexico.

We had a blast — went to the ruins of Monte Alban, saw the world’s biggest (widest) tree called El Tule, went to a live flamenco show, and walked, danced and ate our way through the beautiful city of Oaxaca.

I will spare you every little detail of our trip (I put pics up on Facebook last night if you’re interested, so you can see them there or try clicking here and here for the albums), but I would like to share two of the most relevant-to-this-blog scenarios. Continue reading “Fascinated by Flamenco … and Oaxacan Chocolate Tres Leches Cake”