PM potty training

PT usually has meant “part-time” to me, in reference to one’s work commitment. But in mommy-speak, it refers to potty-training. Ah, potty-training …

Last summer, an unfortunate bout of chicken pox was just the impetus we needed to fully potty-train Maya (she was 2 1/2).

Though she’d been regularly going on the potty since before she was 2, she needed that jolt and once she did, there was no going back. I sent her to school with diapers for nap … but within a few weeks of her being daytime potty-trained, her teachers told me she was doing great without them at nap-time. Wha?!! Continue reading “PM potty training”


frozen popcorn

Not too long ago a gourmet popcorn shop opened up in downtown Kalamazoo.

As someone who enjoys supporting local businesses, I had to pop in on my way to a work-related lunch last week. They have some outrageous flavors but with my 3-year old in mind, I picked up some fruit-flavored rainbow popcorn. She loves fruit, she loves sweets, and she loves popcorn. How could I go wrong?

I was so excited to show her the special treat, but my excitement was dashed the moment she tasted it:

“Mommy, I don’t like this popcorn,” she said with a grimace, shoving me back her handful. Continue reading “frozen popcorn”

Little Miss Bossy


A few weeks ago Maya’s school had a Halloween parade and party. Parents were invited, so of course Luis and I went. All the kids were hyped-up on sugar and racing around like wild animals.

And, in typical 2-3 year old form, they weren’t using their “listening ears.” I felt for her teachers, trying to corral the sugared-up toddlers. Continue reading “Little Miss Bossy”

Sacred things

It’s funny what some people consider “sacred.”

For a blogger like myself who tends to be an over-sharer by nature, the only thing I pretty much don’t blog about (besides my actual weight or money) is my marriage–mostly because, well, this is my blog and my marriage isn’t up for discussion the way, say, my disordered eating past (or pregnant present self) is.

Not because I don’t love and adore my husband (or because he sometimes annoys the crap out of me — he sure does!) but because our marriage — with its ups and downs — is ours to cherish. It is sacred and belongs to us; the two of us and no one else … whereas my blog belongs to me and me alone. Continue reading “Sacred things”

Oversharing vs. Posing a Question

I want to preface this post by saying I thought twice about even writing it after reading this article a colleague shared on Facebook called “Mommy Bloggers and Daddy Facebookers,” which basically argues that we parents who share details about our kids’ lives online are going to get major backlash when our kids grow up.

While I don’t agree with a lot of what the author argues (I don’t post pics for “likes”) I do think there’s merit to thinking twice and not sharing every little detail … yet when your blog is your virtual baby book and you have family and friends reading …  how do you know when to not share? Continue reading “Oversharing vs. Posing a Question”

Bedtime Changes

Bed-time at Casa Henriquez has been pretty consistent from the start: bath, story/song (depending on the night), snuggles, bed.

Once Maya hit 18 months, we began adding a potty attempt before bath and, in the past few months, have added one more try before bed since she’s been doing pretty well during the day.

(Note: she’s still in diapers because of my own laziness/stress with the move and her transitioning to the preschool room, but she goes on the potty probably 4-6 times a day right now, including 2-3 times at school, if not more — so I know she is ready for the full commitment … just need to do it). Continue reading “Bedtime Changes”

My Funny Kid

Maya is most definitely a little ham … no surprise at all, given her spunky personality and her desire to be the center of attention.

It’s not that she doesn’t play well on her own — she most certainly does; can spend hours coloring and diapering/feeding all her babies — but if ever you’re trying to cook/use the restroom/shower/make a phone call … she’s your typical toddler: wanting your undivided attention NOW … usually at the most inopportune times.

But she’s forgiven for all that because lately, she’s been cracking us up (for better or for worse) with the things that come out of her mouth. Continue reading “My Funny Kid”

“Where Moon Go?”

Maya is a little bundle of questions these days, curious about everything … especially where people or objects are.

Last night, we were driving home from picking something up at the store and it had gotten dark. The moon — which had been super bright — must have dipped out of her focus. “Where moon go?” piped up a little voice from the backseat.

I realized this is only the beginning of trying to explain how the world works in a way a toddler can understand.

“The moon is behind the clouds,” I told her as we continued driving. “Mommy will try to find it.” Continue reading ““Where Moon Go?””

5 Reasons To Dine Out With Your Toddler

Note: I originally submitted this to Babble but they said they had too many pieces touching on a similar topic. So on my blog it goes 🙂


The scenario: Fifteen straws under your chair, spilled milk soaking your lap, repeating “No thank you” til your voice gets hoarse, rice strewn all over the table… these are the things meals out with a toddler are usually made of.

But dining out with your toddler doesn’t have to be the aforementioned nightmare. We go out to eat about once a week with our 2-year old daughter and though it isn’t always a walk in the park, it can be fun, relatively cheap … and even better for your waistline than a date night would be. Confused? Don’t be. You have a couple things working in your favor that can make dining out with your toddler a great experience for the whole family.

Generally speaking …

1)      They have a small appetite – Toddlers are pint-sized people bursting with energy and blessed with quick metabolisms … but aren’t necessarily the best eaters. And even if your kid isn’t picky, chances are he/she isn’t wolfing down every morsel on his/her plate. Today’s super-sized portions of everything mean even kids’ meals could make a couple of future meals for a toddler. Capitalize on this by divvying their meal into smaller portions to start … or try sharing your meal with them and getting an extra side of veggies – which saves money and calories.
Net gain: 1-2 bonus meals … or a savings of $5 if you skip the kids’ meal and share your meal with your toddler.

Continue reading “5 Reasons To Dine Out With Your Toddler”