Second Time Around

This pregnancy has been different from my pregnancy with Maya for a whole host of reasons.

1) Anxiety levels = DOWN. While I was an anxious mess all nine months of my pregnancy with Maya (with just cause), this go around, it’s not that I’m not anxious this time, but rather it isn’t consuming my thoughts. To put my mind at ease, I did do the prenatal testing I said I would, but I have a toddler demanding my time (rightfully so) and she is my top priority. In fact, unless I catch sight of my belly in a mirror or someone asks how I’m feeling, aside from the constant need to use the ladies room, it’s easy for me to forget I am six months pregnant. Last time I obsessed over each BabyCenter weekly update; this time I’ve only read a couple and don’t even know what size fruit/veggie Baby Boy is unless someone asks and I check (this week: cauliflower!). Continue reading “Second Time Around”


I Don’t Know What She Knows

I’ve blogged before about how surprised I’ve been to discover what, indeed, Maya knows. From the moment they are born, children are learning and soaking up their surroundings so I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated … but I definitely am.

Two recent learning instances were worthy of capturing on video. Continue reading “I Don’t Know What She Knows”

Little Conversationalist

For a while now, we’ve been having full-on conversations with Maya. Typically they are observation-related … what did you eat today, who did you play with, what book are we going to read … stuff that requires more than a yes or no response but doesn’t necessarily warrant a full-on dialogue … yet often lately, it turns into that. Dinner-time is getting a lot more fun, that’s for sure! Continue reading “Little Conversationalist”

Short Fused

Of all the “mommy guilt” spewed about in the media, I think the worst kind of mommy guilt is the kind we put on ourselves.

Maya is a great kid most of the time. But she IS two and it doesn’t take a genius to know that two-year-olds are challenging little people — fun, to be sure … but challenging.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I was playing Mommy and Daddy all week (and she sensed my stress and was extra-disobedient as a result), the fact that I’m 17.5 weeks pregnant and am, therefore, moody/impatient/exhausted/bloated … or if it’s a combination of the above … but I had a short fuse all weekend with Maya — and felt positively awful about it. Continue reading “Short Fused”

Share, Share, Share … Unless Your Name is Mommy

One of the reasons I love Maya being in a school environment is that, in spite of not having siblings, she’s had to learn to share with others from pretty much day one. While parallel play is how she spent the first year of her life — playing alongside friends but not really interacting — over the past 6-9 months, especially, she’s been engaging in true play at school. Her daily report cards now say things like, “Today Maya and Leah played with their babies.” Or “Maya and Amelia enjoyed cooking in the kitchen.” Sometimes I’ve been able to glimpse this play via the webcam and it always warms my heart to see her actually interacting with the other kids in her class.

Also with respect to sharing, I’ve see her “problem-solving.” Though the webcam is in real-time, I can’t hear voices. Last week, I watched someone take the truck she was playing with, and though I couldn’t hear her response, I could see her reaction and I could imagine she was telling them, “That’s my truck!” Sure enough, the kid gave it back. And during play dates, I’ve seen her take a friend’s car and then give it back when he/she asked for it. So the concept of sharing — while still not concrete — is something she is learning each day. Continue reading “Share, Share, Share … Unless Your Name is Mommy”

Big Girl Bed, Night One

As a follow-up up to yesterday’s post … I didn’t have time to get a noodle last night and forgot about creating a barrier using receiving blankets. Still, she slept just fine in her new bed … until 4 AM, that is, when I heard her crying “Mommy, mommy, mommy!”

We had put every free blanket and pillow in our house surrounding her bed so I wasn’t worried she was hurt if she’d fallen … Continue reading “Big Girl Bed, Night One”

Things That Go Bump In the Night

Sadly, I’m not talking about monsters or ghosts … I’m talking about my daughter’s beautiful head … when she somehow climbed out of her crib at bed-time last night and smacked her little noggin on the hard-wood floor covering her room (of course, not in the spot where a large rug is covering the floor …)

The thump was so loud, Luis and I both raced to her room, terrified. Continue reading “Things That Go Bump In the Night”