Live Your Life

This weekend was an amazing one. First, it was a phenomenal sunset cruise with Luis to celebrate his birthday — followed by a moonlit stroll while enjoying rich, salted caramel ice cream at Kilwin’s and chocolates. The next day was all about awesome shopping and meals in Chicago for a much-needed girls’ weekend with some of my closest work friends. (For any foodies out there — we hit up Atwood Cafe for lunch, RPM for dinner, and Toast for brunch).

When it came to food, I felt like the old me — the pre-disordered me. And it was AWESOME. I felt like I ate intuitively. I didn’t track my Points, I didn’t “keep score,” didn’t worry about anything really — I just focused on the company and the atmosphere and the deliciousness. I ate til I was satisfied and stopped when I felt full. I drank who knows how many glasses of Prosecco and a really big glass of Riesling. I felt pleasantly full but not at all stuffed. And I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, which was exactly what I needed.  Continue reading “Live Your Life”