Talking Tile

Random person laying tile down
Random person laying tile down

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you might recall the flood back in September that ruined our finished basement when my in-laws were visiting.

With all the mold and other nastiness, we just couldn’t leave it.

The contractors we hired to get rid of the flood waters back then dittoed our sentiments.

They recommended we take out the berber carpet and lay something else down, and warned against carpet because we could find ourselves in a similar situation once again.

But with my husband in business school and both of us working, we’ve not touched the basement.

Until now.

This weekend marked three years since we bought our house, so it was almost funny in a way that we found ourselves doing a major home renovation this very weekend, three years later.

After doing research, we opted to tile the basement. Neither of us had ever tiled before. A good friend helped my husband get started, and then I pitched in later on. Continue reading “Talking Tile”