Careful, Momma …

This past Saturday while filming Maya and Daddy playing in the living room, I happened to catch an amazing moment on camera: Maya began walking! Our nearly four-month old peanut took her first (assisted) steps.

As you can see in the video below, she puts one foot in front of the other and holds her adorable self up as best she can. 🙂

To us, it was nothing short of amazing (especially since this child has no interest in rolling over, but has been trying to stand (assisted) for a good two months!).

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As odd as it may seem (being a regular blogger and journaler who tends to over-think everything from the color of my bra to the next word I am about to type) … I haven’t had much time for introspection the past three months since Maya was born.

I’ve been living every moment and trying to enjoy and remember them all, knowing time with a newborn is precious and short, and soon she’ll be walking and talking! But I’ll be honest– it hasn’t always been easy.

The first two months I was (like all new moms) completely sleep-deprived and living on adrenaline, just trying to get from one feeding to the next, trying to learn her cries and sounds. By her third month I finally felt like I had the knack of what I was doing, and it was all about trying to get her on a regular sleep/nap schedule in prep for baby school (or daycare for new readers). Continue reading “Introspection”