Mind Over Matter

the_lost_symbolI just finished reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol and without getting into too much narrative about the book, I thought I’d bring up the theory of Noetics, which plays a prominent role in the novel and is relevant to my blog.

(Work with me, here … I promise not to go too new-age on you!)

According to Wikipedia (my favorite go-to source of all things I don’t understand) Noetics is “a metaphysical philosophy concerned with the study of nature and operation of the human intellect, and its relationship with the divine intellect.”

Though The Lost Symbol is a work of fiction (as are all his books) it is also based on some facts — the science/study of Noetics being one of them.

In the book, there is much discussion about the power of our thoughts–and the power of our collective thoughts, as a society, for better or for worse.

But today I’m going to talk about the power of individual thoughts. Continue reading “Mind Over Matter”