Eyes Ablaze, Online and Offline

As you can imagine, I’ve been doing a lot of reading–both online and offline–with respect to the testing issue but also just pregnancy in general, since I was pretty much clueless til now!

Online, the chat-room at BabyCenter.com has been really helpful.

(Though I will say, the images of other women at 15 weeks like me look soooooo different than I do … some look 6 months pregnant already; some have pretty flat stomachs. It’s amazing how varying these tummies are — further proof that no two pregnancies are the same–even for the same woman).

I also get a weekly update (such as this one for anyone interested) from BabyCenter.com, which helps explain what’s going at X week of pregnancy. And Google, FitPregnancy.com, and Parents.com have also been great resources. Continue reading “Eyes Ablaze, Online and Offline”