Taco Bell … REALLY?

To quote Seth Meyers and Amy Poheler’s hilarious segment on Saturday Night Live, Taco Bell’s newest ad campaign deserves a big fat “REALLY?”

While I fully support companies offering healthier fare– and even promoting it as healthier fare — I agree with Roni and Steph that this Taco Bell’s Drive-Thru “Diet” is a load of CRAP. Even calling it a “diet” just kills me!

First of all, promoting fast food as a way to successfully lose weight is ridiculous. (Did anyone else see Supersize Me?! Of course he wasn’t trying to lose weight but look at the destruction he caused his body!)

There is simply nothing healthy about eating fast food all the time, period. Maybe it’s fine once in a while, but encouraging anyone to consider eating it regularly is just insane. Continue reading “Taco Bell … REALLY?


The Health Halo

20078I found a great article in Tuesday’s Health section of the New York Times, titled “Health Halo Can Hide the Calories”.

The article’s author (John Tierney) and Pierre Chandon, a Frenchman who has been studying what researchers call the American obesity paradox, conducted an experiment in New York City (which banned trans fats in restaurants) to discover “Why, as Americans have paid more and more attention to eating healthily, have we kept getting fatter and fatter?”

Dr. Chandon’s answer, which was derived from laboratory experiments as well as field work at Subway and McDonald’s restaurants, is that Americans have been “seduced into overeating by the so-called health halo associated with certain foods and restaurants.”

So what is a health halo exactly? It’s certain restaurants touting their low-fat entrees or sandwiches that delude consumers. The authors argue that this “health halo” ends up cushioning us from the realities of what lies beneath the surface. Continue reading “The Health Halo”