Coasting Along, When I Need to “Shut Up and Drive”

anatomy-of-a-teen-wreck-01-afThough I don’t weigh any less than I did seven months ago, I have to marvel at the fact that it’s been nearly seven months since I’ve chewed and spit.


Truth be told, I really believed I’d lose weight when I stopped c/s (since my intake and exercise haven’t changed) but as it turns out, I’ve maintained this whole time.

Which isn’t such a bad thing, but still. You can imagine my disappointment, but really there’s only one person to blame: me.

I think the reason why I’m not losing is simple and obvious: I’ve not been eating as cleanly as I could, and I’ve been ingesting a lot of the triggers I used to c/s (SUGAR!!) … so now I need to stop buying/eating said triggers.  Continue reading “Coasting Along, When I Need to “Shut Up and Drive””

A Dollar A Day

Piggy bankI’ve confessed I have a wee bit of a shopping problem, and that one of the biggest problems with my history of chewing and spitting was that I was wasting food (i.e., money) left and rightliterally.

Fortunately, I haven’t chewed/spit in well over three monthshurrah, me!

But I’ve still had trouble buying stuff and just taking a bite before chucking it, when I know deep down I just don’t need it, yet I emotionally want it for whatever the reason du jour.

And, more importantly, if I’m not going to be eating the whole thing anyway (in a day, or a week), why bother buying it in the first place?

My best friend and I were dorm mates all through college, and it always amazed me how she could have a pack of M&Ms on her desk that could last for a week.

She has a serious sweet tooth like me (hello, it’s naturally part of why we’re BFF!). And if she wanted to eat the whole pack in a day, she would eat it, no prob.

But if it was in front of me or on my desk for a minute, chances were, it’d be gone, whether I wanted it or not — for me, it’s often emotional; she doesn’t struggle with that attachment to food like I always have.

So about three weeks ago, after a talk with my husband (where I shared how I really want to grasp the concept of saving better) he suggested a good, easy idea I could start immediately: putting just a dollar a day in a little jar at home (vs. sliding money into my savings account, which just feels automatic and cold).

Just a buck. No big commitment, right? Continue reading “A Dollar A Day”