Please note: this is a Guest Post I wrote.

So as I’ve mentioned here a few times, we are raising a bilingual baby. Right now, there are a couple words Maya is preferring to say in Spanish — her new favorites being “pan” (for “bread” and “pollo” (“for chicken”). We’re working on “vamanos!” for let’s go (she is like Dora, except blond and blue-eyed).

Thanksgiving week (11/19) we leave for a week-long trip to El Salvador to visit Luis’s family and to celebrate his mom’s 75th birthday. I’m mostly geeked to see family and friends and hit the beach, but I’m also looking forward to my Spanish coming back.

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Bye-Bye Mama

Being I’m not with Maya 24/7 as I’d like to be sometimes, weekends take on a whole new level of pleasure for me. It’s time spent completely with her … undivided family time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sure, sometimes I miss the freedom and spontaneity of just going for coffee with a friend, hitting up a fitness class that I just found out about, or just randomly treating myself to a pedi without having to think “Crap, I can’t. Today Luis has XYZ, so we’d need a sitter.”

Nothing just “happens” anymore on a whim; things need to be planned out. Even weekend time requires some foresight. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love my time with her! Continue reading “Bye-Bye Mama”