Sacred things

It’s funny what some people consider “sacred.”

For a blogger like myself who tends to be an over-sharer by nature, the only thing I pretty much don’t blog about (besides my actual weight or money) is my marriage–mostly because, well, this is my blog and my marriage isn’t up for discussion the way, say, my disordered eating past (or pregnant present self) is.

Not because I don’t love and adore my husband (or because he sometimes annoys the crap out of me — he sure does!) but because our marriage — with its ups and downs — is ours to cherish. It is sacred and belongs to us; the two of us and no one else … whereas my blog belongs to me and me alone. Continue reading “Sacred things”


Special Songs

I used to feel silly talking to Maya in the womb, or when she was an itty-bitty newborn … telling her about our day and what we were doing and who we would see. I pretty much never shut up as it is, so it’s no surprise that with a baby, it was any different. I sang to her, read to her … always hoping these things would eventually make sense, but never really knowing what she was absorbing until she could verbally communicate with us. Now that she’s a little chatterbox, I find solace knowing my incessant dialogue had some value down the road … even if my singing hasn’t improved any 😉

One of the songs I sing to her at bed-time goes like this (to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine” — the song my parents always sang to me at bed- time): Continue reading “Special Songs”