Making Peace With Triggers

Is there a former-trigger food you’ve since made peace with and can have in your home or at your office?

Cold cereal — healthy ones, in particular — used to be my biggest downfall. I used to have major problems with both Kashi Go-Lean Crunch and Barbara’s cinnamon Puffins (the best cereal — EVER).

My midnight incidents in D.C. often included Puffins or Kashi. Especially Puffins, with their cinnamony goodness.

At 100 calories per 2/3 c., I could easily have made a healthy snack … but I’d have two servings at 3:00 a.m. Not exactly conducive to a successful weight loss strategy. Continue reading “Making Peace With Triggers”


Graze Much?

Happy Cows!
Happy Cows!
I always thought it was mindless eating, or emotional eating … but now I’m more convinced than ever that I’m just a grazer.

I seem to always have something in my mouth … or be talking. An oral fixation, if you will. My mouth is always moving, always doing something.

This isn’t new. Long before my disordered eating days — in middle school and into high school — my nickname was “Motormouth Melissa.”

In fact, I talked so much back then that my friends teased me about a ten-second rule … where I was supposed to think ten seconds before speaking. (Funny how that’s what I’m learning in therapy: to think before I speak!)

And I chewed a lot of ice and gum. Continue reading “Graze Much?”