Scary Sunday & Happy Mama’s Day!

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and moms-to-be and especially my own mama, who is just the most amazing mom in the world! I love you, Sue 🙂

<–This pic was taken while getting ready for our wedding, 11/18/2006 — it’s one of my fave candid shots of us.

Sorry I’ve been MIA recently … there’s just a lot going on and nothing going on at the same time if that makes sense, so it makes blogging kinda challenging.

Nothing is wrong and I’m doing fine and actually have been listening to my body more and everything… but I just am not inspired to write the way I usually am — sorry! Hopefully I’ll find my mojo again soon!

Anyway, I had to share this little story from this morning. Continue reading “Scary Sunday & Happy Mama’s Day!”

Seriously, Slow it Down

police_writing_speeding_ticket1Funny how life works …

Coming off a natural high Tuesday from a great speaking event at Western Michigan University (where I addressed their public relations student group) followed by a super-relaxing night at home with my hubby, I was feeling good Wednesday morning.

I was dressed in my cute safari jacket I got for our Mexico trip, new Lia Sophia jewerly, dark jeans and boots, and I was in a great mood on my way to work.

Then I got pulled over and got a ticket.

Oy vey.

Good mood went out the window as the cop handed me the evidence of my crime and a fine that will set me back $110 … and I won’t have anything cute or fun to show for it! (My husband thinks we should show up at court and see if we can appeal it, we’ll see …)

Seriously, I love the fact that that I went the first 28 years of my life without ever getting pulled over or getting a ticket, but that since moving to Michigan two and a half years ago, I’ve gotten now TWO speeding tickets at the same exact spot … in one year! Continue reading Seriously, Slow it Down”

Slow. It. Down.

Lately I’ve felt as though I’ve been grasping for straws trying to get my life in order after a fall/early winter spent in much disarray.

I’ve noticed a correlation between body happiness and overall happiness/contentment/sense of order. Right now, I’m not in that body-love mode, and so my life feels “chaotic.”

Between my marriage, friendships/family, social life, work, blogging, the gym, and now my Lia Sophia business on the side as well as upcoming personal training sessions, I am going to have quite a bit on my plate — certainly not as much as my friends who are working moms, or those with a new baby, or my husband who is working full-time and getting his MBA part-time. But plenty to keep me occupied, and hopefully distracted from disordered eating behaviors/issues.

On the flipside, I asked for it, have made the strides to do something for me … and I am going to embrace it. Continue reading “Slow. It. Down.

And the Results Are…
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So besides Olympics mania this weekend, we had a pretty big challenge upon us and I am so happy so many of you jumped to the task!!

How did everyone fare in their attempt to “slow it down”?

I am proud to say I didn’t over-eat due to stress, or a complete lack of sleep driving to and from O’Hare in the middle of the night to pick up my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. (The 6 hour round-trip ride was exhausting, but not an excuse to eat.)

I was flexible and still managed to fit in exercise, just at the end of the day vs. the beginning. Peach-picking and a long walk complemented a gym workout Sunday.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do as amazing as I’d have liked, in that 1) I grazed a little on Saturday at home that I compensated for with a healthy dinner out, and 2) I had a couple chew-and-spit incidents with brownies (I baked them for my husband’s family because they’re a food I don’t even like much but when anxiety hit, I chewed and spit).

But otherwise, I did remember to slow it down for the most part. Continue reading “And the Results Are…”

Who’s Up for a Weekend Challenge?
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I love a good challenge… especially one where everyone’s a winner.

You know, like a BINGO round where you play til everyone wins a prize. My kind of game.

Since I really feel like we’re building a community here, I figured I’d offer up a challenge to us, where we’ll report back on Monday the results.

So who’s in?

The challenge will be simple: For one weekend, we will make a concerted effort to focus on slowing it down.

The beauty of it? You can interpret it as you wish. If eating issues aren’t plaguing you anymore, translate it to another aspect of your life.

For me, “slowing it down” means eating with dignity; living in the moment and not ten steps (or bites) ahead.

During stressful times, it helps to have a mantra to fall back on, to rely on. “Slow it down” will be mine.

How about you? Are you up for the challenge?

“Slow It Down”
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That’s what Dr. G. advised me last night.

For someone like me who is always on the go, always thinking, always doing…and a fast-talker to boot, it’s quite a challenge to “slow it down.”

And though that nugget of wisdom could be applied to virtually anything in life, we were talking about my anxiety issues (naturally).

She said if I can learn to make the conscious decision to “slow it down” — meaning pausing and slowing down between the thoughts I think, the words I speak, the behaviors I engage in — that, in time, my anxiety will wear itself down, bringing me closer to “the gray,” the space on the continuum we’re striving for (versus the poles).

I realized in last night’s session that although I wasn’t doing it consciously, during the past few weeks, I’ve already been practicing “slowing it down.”

For example, I’ve loosened up a little and granted myself permission to take rest days from the gym, or to go for a short jog and not feel guilty. I’ve enjoyed ice cream out with my husband–and even been the one to suggest it. Friends have even noticed that I’m less obsessive when we’re dining out (one commented last night even!). Continue reading ““Slow It Down””