In case you aren’t fully aware of this delightful fact, kids have no inhibitions, say what they think, and repeat everything they hear. Everything.

Maya has been learning big/little at school and has been classifying objects by these descriptors at home. She’ll ask me to cut her string cheese and if one piece is bigger than the other, she will tell us. Likewise, she says Rocco is big. Her baby doll is little. She says she is little. The tree outside is big. She is usually right in her classifications, so, naturally, we’ve encouraged her. “Bring Mommy the big crayon.” “Where’s the little bow?”

However, on vacation, we had a bit of an embarrassing situation (certainly not to be the last!). Continue reading “Big/Little”


Signs of Progress

Disclaimer: This blog post discusses sizes, past and present (I learned posting at WeAretheRealDeal that it’s best to include a disclaimer like this when discussing sizes!). The numbers I’m sharing might trigger someone, so please realize that I’m only comparing myself to myself — not judging you or anyone else.

One of my best friends is getting married this coming October (yay!), and I was so honored she asked me to be in her wedding. Last week, I had to turn in some measurements for the bridesmaid’s dresses.

I’m super-excited about the wedding and the dress (it’s gorgeous and it’s going to be flattering on every body type) — but I was dreading getting measured because, though I only have two pre-pregnancy pounds to lose (yup, I gained one last week, though it could be period weight, who knows), my pre-pregnancy pants/jeans do not fit … which means without even seeing a measuring tape, I knew I had quite a few inches left to lose.

When I saw the actual measurements spelled out, I have to admit, it was quite shocking. I was wearing jeans so the measurements weren’t 100% accurate, but still … they alerted me I had about three inches to lose off my waist and about five off my hips to return to my pre-pregnancy size (OK, probably in actuality two or three inches off my hips because I had gained some before I was pregnant … but still!).

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Learning from the Dogs

First of all, happy birthday to my amazing husband, who is turning 32 today! Happy birthday, L! 🙂 XOXO — may 32 be your best year yet!

So this weekend we had his birthday/citizenship party, which was a blast.

Sure, party-prepping and hostessing are exhausting, but I love to do it and it just makes us so happy to have our friends over — especially since neither of us have family less than a plane ride away.

Truly, our friends here in Michigan have become our family … and we are very blessed.

Then yesterday we went to brunch with friends and took our dogs to the new dog park that recently opened. It never ceases to amaze me what you can learn in the most unexpected of places.

Dogs are like humans in so many ways. Dogs are so easily satisfied with the simple things in life: sun, shade, water, food, treats, and above all … attention/affection. Like us, they ultimately just want to be loved. Continue reading “Learning from the Dogs”

Lost Luggage Spurs Body Image Anxiety

This is a cross-post that will be featured on tomorrow — but here’s a sneak peek! 🙂

If you happen to follow me on Facebook or Twitter (or know me in real life), you probably have heard ad nauseum about my recent trip to Korea.


In my defense, I was super-excited and couldn’t WAIT for the moment to arrive!! And when it did, it was spectacular and everything I hoped it’d be and more.

Anyway … we got back Sunday and I did a thorough blog post (with links to photos) on my personal blog with respect to how I handled it from a disordered eating recovery perspective.

But one thing I saved was a story I wanted to share here at WeAretheRealDeal. Continue reading “Lost Luggage Spurs Body Image Anxiety”

“You Don’t *Look* Like You Weigh That Much”

Ever heard this line before?

I used to hear it all the time when I was heavy; it always made me feel better about myself … like “yea, I’m heavy, but I can carry my weight well.”

Or maybe, thanks to my mom’s guidance during my teenage years, I just knew how to dress to accentuate the “positives” of my heavier, hour-glass frame (a small waist, relatively flat tummy) and dampen the “negative” (broad hips and thick thighs).

When I lost weight, my figure changed pretty dramatically.

Yes, I was still curvy, but there wasn’t nearly as big a difference between my hips and waist like there used to be  — and now, since gaining a little weight over the past few years, this lack of difference has made me feel particularly “thick.”

Once again, I feel self-conscious about my weight. Continue reading ““You Don’t *Look* Like You Weigh That Much””