halfway to a year?!

Watch out, Beckham -- he's 1/2 Salvadoran and (if his daddy has his way!) destined for futbol greatness!
Watch out, Beckham — he’s 1/2 Salvadoran and (if his daddy has his way!) destined for futbol greatness!

Dear Ben,

Benny. Benny D. BenDiego. Benny Boo Boo. Boo Bear.

You, my sweets, are a whopping SIX MONTHS OLD today! How is that even possible? It seems like we just met … but time is totally flying. Your fifth month has been your biggest so far.

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Maya is Six Months Old!

This weekend was huge for our family. HUGE!

After all my moaning and worrying about Maya not hitting that rolling over milestone, on her half-birthday (Saturday) she woke up like you see in this pic. Yep, little hot stuff decided to show us what she was made of … in the middle of the night, when no one was watching! It was pretty funny, and we were definitely caught off-guard! She did it again this morning. Hot stuff! Continue reading “Maya is Six Months Old!”

Don’t Compare … Um, OK … But Then What?!

Everyone says not to compare your child to other kids; all kids develop differently physically and intellectually and emotionally.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

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Little Wonders

Our sweet little Maya turns six months old a week from today, and I’m beside myself with bewilderment. Where did the time go?

I know all parents (new and old) feel this way — and I was adequately forewarned about the bizarre time/space continuum that is parenthood … but it still doesn’t mean I am prepared for just how quickly everything is going. Continue reading “Little Wonders”