Earplugs + Interactions

"... loved to talk to us. Well ... scream :)"
“… loved to talk to us. Well … scream :)”

Our house has never really been quiet. Luis and I are both pretty loud people, by nature. (We’re “Loud Talkers,” as Seinfeld says).

Then we got Rocco, who is loud in his own right — barking excitedly, howling at squirrels and joggers … you get the idea.

Then we had Maya … who has transformed from a really docile, easy baby who cooed to a never-stops-talking three year old.

And now we add Benjamin to the mix. Continue reading “Earplugs + Interactions”

Easing the inevitable guilt

The toughest part about transitioning from a family of three to a family of four — when I’m breastfeeding and pumping — has been figuring out how to clone myself to spend time with my little girl, who I miss enormously.

It’s not that I don’t see her every day — I do, and for that I feel blessed — but the time we spend together hasn’t been quality time. And I feel awfully guilty about it.

I wholly believe a mom’s heart gets divided into as many kids as she has … but it doesn’t mean sometimes she doesn’t feel bad when she can’t give one of her kids her all.  Especially when said kid really needs a little TLC. Continue reading “Easing the inevitable guilt”

Sibling Love

I don’t know what I expected to happen when Maya met Ben, but I have to admit … I was a bit worried when my parents brought her to the hospital and she didn’t seem exactly … enthralled by Ben.

Don’t get me wrong; she was curious about him but — as I noted in Ben’s birth post — she was more interested in my IV, my incision, and “What we going to eat?” (yes, she is my kid through and through!) Continue reading “Sibling Love”

Letting Go

Part of parenthood means giving up control and letting go: never losing sight of our children, but loosening our instinctive grip. It’s daunting and exhilarating at the same time, but it’s a necessary component of being a mom or a dad.

Recently, Maya experienced her first amusement park-type ride — a Ferris Wheel — at Luis’s company picnic (which is really a full-blown carnival complete with a mobile petting zoo including kangaroos, monkeys, a baby zebra …., lots of blow-up rides, games, food booths, and even some real rides … it’s insane!).

As soon as we arrived, she couldn’t take her little eyes off the kiddie Ferris Wheel. We thought we’d ease into it by letting her try going through the big caterpillar tunnel — on ground level —  but after taking off her shoes and waiting in line 10 minutes, and asking us every 30 seconds if it was her turn yet, she got to the entrance … and backed out. I tried gently coaxing her but she wasn’t having any of it. I didn’t want to traumatize her, so I let it be, figuring she’s only two … there will be plenty of other opportunities to push her. Continue reading “Letting Go”