Dressing for Success

Striking a pose in the dressing room

Lord knows I love to shop, but I don’t think I really have style. I have lots of stylish friends and an incredibly stylish mom … but when it comes to dressing myself, I rarely take risks and usually stick to the same things: jeans, cardigans, and wrap dresses, to name a few. Usually they are in solid colors and rarely any frills. Continue reading “Dressing for Success”

Buyer’s Remorse

It shames me to say it because I know there are much bigger problems in the world today, but I have a problem of my own: buyer’s remorse.

[If we were on Twitter, my opener would read something obnoxious like: “It shames me to say it, but I have a big problem: buyer’s remorse. #firstworldproblems].


But here’s the thing …¬† I love to shop … the thrill of finding a “good deal,” trying things on [how does this bag look draped over my shoulder, how soft is the fabric, does the skirt hit right below my knee (I hate anything above the knee on me), does this shoe make me taller than Luis? (if it does, it goes back on the rack – don’t judge; it’s a pet-peeve of mine to be taller!)] … Shopping is my guilty pleasure and, silly as it sounds, it makes me happy. Continue reading “Buyer’s Remorse”

Almost “Me” Again

My sister is visiting–YAY!

In addition to all of us spoiling Maya rotten last night with clothes and accessories and shoes (jellies! sneaks!) I decided to get myself a little something.

Now, in the past (and I realize this sounds bad) I spoiled myself often without second thought … but since having Maya, I’ve bought myself few things — mostly because it’s so much fun to shop for her, but also because it’s hard to be excited about clothes shopping when nothing fits exactly as you wish it would (irrelevant of sizing).

So even though I desperately am in need of transitional clothes that fit my not-pregnant-anymore/not-quite-back-to-normal-size body … I just haven’t bought much. Continue reading “Almost “Me” Again”

Impatience … Definitely *Not* a Virtue

I’ve always said, “If patience is a virtue, I must be a huge sinner.”

I was a breach baby — so very impatient to get the hell out of the womb that I had to be delivered via C-section because I was coming out that way, or no way.

In hindsight, I think it was a pretty good indication that I’m not the kind of person who waits for much. ūüėČ

I tend to be horribly impatient, which I realize now is often to a fault …

On the positive, it means I’m dependable and rarely late for anything … but it can be a real negative trait in many situations.

So when I read “Hate to Wait” in this month’s SELF magazine (despite my misgivings, my subscription is still active; when it ends I won’t renew, promise!) — it hit me like a ton of bricks. Continue reading “Impatience … Definitely *Not* a Virtue”

Coasting Along, When I Need to “Shut Up and Drive”

anatomy-of-a-teen-wreck-01-afThough I don’t weigh any less than I did seven months ago, I have to marvel at the fact that it’s been nearly seven months since I’ve chewed and spit.


Truth be told, I¬†really believed¬†I’d lose weight when I stopped c/s (since my intake and exercise haven’t changed) but as it turns out, I’ve maintained this whole time.

Which isn’t such a bad thing, but still. You can imagine my disappointment, but really there’s only one person to blame: me.

I think the reason why I’m not losing is simple and obvious:¬†I’ve not been eating as cleanly as I could, and I’ve been ingesting a lot of the triggers I used to c/s (SUGAR!!) …¬†so now I need to stop buying/eating¬†said triggers.¬† Continue reading “Coasting Along, When I Need to “Shut Up and Drive””

Sizing Myself Up

Ann Taylor Loft
Image credit: Ann Taylor Loft
Before Weight Watchers, I was a solid 14 or 12, depending on the brand/fit. And I was curvy.

Things were always loose in the waist, but tight in the hips/thigh/butt area. It was my Achille’s heel and so I always needed to buy “up.”

Since I lost weight, my waist didn’t change much, but my hips shrunk and my butt (while pretty perky, if I do say so myself) shrank as well. So I look a lot ‘straighter’ than I did before.

I have been a pretty solid size 6 for the past four years now. I have some dresses and skirts in a 4, but most in a 6. In jeans, I can still wear anything from a 28 to a 32, depending on the brand and cut (28 in James, 29 in Citizens, 30 in Joe’s, 31 in Sevens and 32 in Blue Cult). Even my older “bigger jeans” (the 32, 31) still fit — just loosely.

But last fall, my weight gain (5-7 lbs) became noticeable in how my clothes fit: my pants started getting snug as I inched up toward 150 again. Continue reading “Sizing Myself Up”