*Anything* for You

This weekend I drove to meet up with a dear friend (who just had her first baby in August!) to go outlet shopping. She lives in Chicago and I’m in southwest Michigan, so since the outlets in Michigan City, Indiana, are half-way for each of us, that’s where we usually meet up for a day of shopping, eating, and gabbing.

I knew this was going to be my last long car trip for a while — and probably the last solo trip for a REALLY long time — and so I kind of let my mind wander as the scenery on I-94 flew by. All of a sudden, I was overcome by this intense sensation that just overtook my whole body. It was this fierce, protective feeling … and the thought swimming in my head was “I would do absolutely anything for you.”

I found myself rubbing my belly as I said it, and couldn’t shake the feeling: it was one of those sensations I didn’t want to lose. Continue reading “*Anything* for You”