Love Your Flawz

This 5-minute video is absolutely worth a peek at for its creativity and powerful message about loving yourself exactly as you are, flaws and all.

To be honest, I’d never heard about her until I came across this video online today, but musician Caitlin Crosby created “Embrace Your Flawz” to highlight men and women (including Crosby) showing off their natural beauty.
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Is Pride REALLY a Sin?

bare_escentualsThe other night, my husband and I watched a documentary on the History Channel about the Seven Deadly Sins and PRIDE was the “sin of the day.”

It got me thinking … is pride really such a bad thing?

I don’t mean “pride” as in ego or boastfulness or narcissism … or even the opposite of humility.

I mean pride, in the most innocent, literal sense of the word: feeling good about yourself and the actions you make and the life you live. Being a good person, and being proud of it.

I mean, shouldn’t we be proud of our accomplishments? Shouldn’t we inspire others by doing good things in life? Continue reading “Is Pride REALLY a Sin?”