24 Weeks: Feeling Good

24 weeks is a big milestone in pregnancy. It’s the start of the last month of the second trimester, but it’s more than that: it’s a critical juncture because, although a baby born at this stage would surely need a great deal of medical intervention and care (and would need to spend several months in the NICU) … a baby is considered “viable” — meaning that its chances of surviving outside the womb after this point (with great care) are good. Continue reading “24 Weeks: Feeling Good”


22 Weeks

OK, I stand to be corrected.

In spite of not feeling ginormous yet, I do look 15 lbs heavier, at least when I see a picture of myself … which apparently shows a much different “me” than the “me” I see in the mirror every day. Or maybe it’s because head-on I don’t look quite so huge, but from the side, hello baby?!! Who knows. Continue reading “22 Weeks”