I’m a planner. A Type A organizer. I don’t just do things on a whim (except impulse purchases … that’s the exception!). I like to know what’s happening when, and hate not being in control of a situation.

Which is why having a totally unpredictable newborn is driving me bonkers.

There, I said it. Having a newborn is HARD.  Continue reading “Unpredictability”

Telling Maya

photoTo be honest, until recently, we haven’t said much to Maya about the fact that I am pregnant — it’s not like she, at two, can understand what pregnant means. And I don’t look that different (aside from the bulging belly) than I did before I was pregnant, so it’s not like she has made a physical observation.

But mostly (and on the good advice of other mom friends and family members) I didn’t want to say anything to her because kids will repeat everything they hear … and what if something went wrong? Of course, I know things can go wrong at any time — even now, though the chances are less likely — and so just didn’t want to go there until I was further along. Continue reading “Telling Maya”

Oh Baby!

Note: I’ve been keeping this blog post since I found out I was pregnant. So happy to be able to publish it … finally! I’ve been drafting some posts but couldn’t publish them yet … will share over the next few days! Here’s my “journal” so far. And no, my whole blog won’t be pregnancy-related … but this is big news and, well, I couldn’t keep it in any longer!!

February 4, 2013
On a whim, I took a pregnancy test today. I am only three days late but I just have a feeling I am pregnant. Though the symptoms are the same for me as PMS symptoms, something feels different this month. I tell Luis and he convinces me to get a test just to see. I know it’s early but I need some hard evidence that the breast tenderness, exhaustion, achy back and general “blahs” are for a legitimate reason. The double lines appear right away … thank you, First Response! I do some quick math and come up with October 12 as an approximate due-date. Whoa. Whoa.  To tell Luis, I show him two of Maya’s bath toys … one pink and one blue … with a huge smile on my face. It takes him a second to put two and two together and then he gives me a big hug and kiss. Yes, indeed … we’re having another baby! Tonight, Rocco will not leave my side … he is snuggled up to my belly. I’ve heard animals have a sixth sense … now, I’m sure. Continue reading “Oh Baby!”