Mysteries of the Scale

Confession: I have gone over my Points religiously for the past three months (to the tune of 40, 50, 60 Points OVER the allotted amount). And I have barely worked out. I completely expected a 5-7 lb gain, based on how my clothes had been fitting.

Yet the scale tells me I have lost 2.2 lbs since my last weigh-in in September. WTH, right?! Continue reading “Mysteries of the Scale”


Well Isn’t *That* Interesting …

Just for kicks, after my workout this morning I decided to step on the scale–something I haven’t done since June. I braced myself for a 3-4 lb gain and was surprised to see I only had gained 0.8 lb … and that I was still 0.8 below my pre-pregnancy weight.

This was surprising because, as I have noted here before, I have not been actively trying to lose weight. Oh, I’ve been journaling, alright … but I’ve been going over by 30, 40, 50 Points a week! (Read as … not watching my weight like a good Weight Watcher!)

Which got me thinking…if I could eat that way and pretty much MAINTAIN … imagine what I could do with just a smidge of effort? Not even a lot–just a little? The notion blew me away. Continue reading “Well Isn’t *That* Interesting …”

It’s NOT about the numbers

One of my good friends from high school (a guy) sent me these links from Everyday Paleo, Attention Scale Addicts and Attention Scale Addicts, Part 2, after I tweeted out yesterday’s post about whether or not I should buy a scale.

He vehemently said no. I read them and chuckled at the first link and was in awe by the second. Continue reading “It’s NOT about the numbers”

To Buy or Not to Buy [a scale] …

That is the question.

I haven’t stepped on the scale in about two months now — and lord knows I ought to (I’ve been eating a ton of extra Points per week + travel + minimal workouts).

But when I finally mustered up the courage to check on the damage this week [yes, I am deliberately choosing “damage”], I was greeted with a big fat nothing: our scale was broken.

I’ve had this particular scale since 2006, so it has had a pretty long shelf-life … but we keep it in the bathroom and, well, moisture + electronics don’t tend to go hand in hand. In other words, it was bound to die at some point … I just didn’t expect it to be now — when I actually wanted to see where I stood!

Le sigh. Continue reading “To Buy or Not to Buy [a scale] …”

“You Don’t *Look* Like You Weigh That Much”

Ever heard this line before?

I used to hear it all the time when I was heavy; it always made me feel better about myself … like “yea, I’m heavy, but I can carry my weight well.”

Or maybe, thanks to my mom’s guidance during my teenage years, I just knew how to dress to accentuate the “positives” of my heavier, hour-glass frame (a small waist, relatively flat tummy) and dampen the “negative” (broad hips and thick thighs).

When I lost weight, my figure changed pretty dramatically.

Yes, I was still curvy, but there wasn’t nearly as big a difference between my hips and waist like there used to beĀ  — and now, since gaining a little weight over the past few years, this lack of difference has made me feel particularly “thick.”

Once again, I feel self-conscious about my weight. Continue reading ““You Don’t *Look* Like You Weigh That Much””

Screw the Scale … for Today at Least.
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“Treat your body like a friend and your scale like a machine.”

What a great quote.

How often do we, as women, treat our bodies like enemies, berating them and chastising them … and then treating our scales — stupid machines!–like friends?

You know the drill: If we see a “good” number we’re happy. A “bad” number and we want to hit something or assume we got “fat” overnight or will gain it all back (we didn’t; we won’t).

Rational me says it’s just a moment frozen in time. Yet irrational me says it feels so monumental. It’s like the angel and devil on my shoulder, duking it out each day.

Believe it or not, but I had never owned a scale until I joined Weight Watchers. Really. A woman in her twenties did not own a scale and had no idea how much she weighed. (Is she for real?!)
Continue reading “Screw the Scale … for Today at Least.”

“Happy” Weight Vs. “Fighting Weight”

Call it the weight loss/maintenance limbo: “How low are you willing to go?”

A couple months ago, SELF magazine had an article/quiz about finding your “happy” weight.

I had to laugh when it said my “happy weight” was 135, which ironically, had been my original WW goal.


Their idea of a “happy weight” is my idea of a “fighting weight,” a weight that I might not reach without serious deprivation or over-exercising … and even if I got there, it wouldn’t necessarily be maintainable in the long-term.

How do I know this? Well, the truth is (shhhh!!!), the lowest I ever got on Weight Watchers (on my old scale) was 138.4 (Note: on my new scale I never saw below 144).

I saw that “beautiful 138.4” twice, and nearly cried for joy seeing a “3” in my stats (though in reality it was probably not accurate).

And you know what? Both times I shot up to 142 the following week. At the time, I didn’t understand it. Until then, I’d been losing steadily, so why did I hit that wall? Continue reading ““Happy” Weight Vs. “Fighting Weight””