It’s My Party and I’ll Wean When I Want to …

The decision to wean is a very personal and very complicated decision and it’s not one you can (painlessly) make overnight.

Let me state up front I have a loving and supportive husband. I wouldn’t trade him for anyone (OK, anyone except maybe Ryan Reynolds ūüėČ and only for a night…!).

We’ve been together through thick and thin over the past 10+ years. We are opposites in some ways, but we usually complement one another … or butt heads entirely because we’re both pretty headstrong! Continue reading “It’s My Party and I’ll Wean When I Want to …”

Wise Words from Alanis

It’s certainly public knowledge that singer Alanis Morissette–who penned one of the greatest break-up anthems of our generation (i.e., “You Oughta Know”) — hasn’t always had an ideal relationship with her body.

But in a new article in People magazine, Alanis says something so simple–yet so profound–that I just had to share it here:

I struggled with eating disorders, especially in my teens, but I’ve noticed when I treat my body like an instrument instead of an ornament, my relationship with food completely changes.” Continue reading “Wise Words from Alanis”

Finding Forgiveness Within

forgivenessWhenever I hear the word “forgiveness” now, the first thing that comes to mind is that awesome Ryan Reynolds ūüėČ movie, Just Friends.

In it,¬†Ana Faris’s character tries to seduce Ryan’s character with “Forgiveness” — a terrible song with terrible lyrics that is TERRIBLE earworm!

Anyway, these past few days I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the notion of forgiveness, which makes sense, because it’s the Jewish High Holidays — and right now is the time to be asking forgiveness to those I may have hurt in the past year.

For the most part, I feel like I’ve been a good person this year. If nothing else, therapy helped me understand myself a lot better.

I really feel, on the whole, good about how I have behaved this year towards those I love. Continue reading “Finding Forgiveness Within”

Facing Fears

fearThanks to the amazing beast that is Google, I just read the leaked script of Buried, the indie flick my “crush” Ryan Reynolds is supposedly filming in Barcelona right now as we speak.

If you’re not familiar with it yet, you will be in 2010 when it’s released —¬†and there’s plenty of buzz about it now.

It’s the one-man¬†film of an American contractor in Iraq whose convoy is¬†ambushed by Iraqi insurgents.

Kidnapped and buried alive, he¬†comes to¬†in a coffin … with only a dying cell phone, a lighter and a knife … oh, and desert sand trickling through a tiny hole in the wooden box.

Reading the 80-page script, I felt nauseous and sick, as though I was in his shoes myself.

I won’t say anything more about the plot, other than that this movie is going to make¬†its audience¬† squirm — that is, if they can sit through an entire film shot in one very claustraphobic location.

I bring this film up not because I adore Ryan Reynolds (and I do) but because Ryan’s character — Paul — is facing the absolute of fears: certain, imminent¬†death.

He’s literally trapped, and he has no way out … unless by some miracle¬†he gets rescued. Continue reading “Facing Fears”

Goals vs. Expectations

It’s not everyday a Hollywood hottie says something that actually resonates with me and is relevant to my blog, but upon Googling my new celeb crush (Ryan Reynolds) I found this awesome quote he said in Men’s Health not too long ago.

Here’s the context from the article, Ryan Reynold’s Purposeful Life:

“Whether he’s talking about inhabiting characters or running races, there’s a theme that arises frequently in Reynolds’s conversations: goals versus expectations. He has plenty of goals, both professional and personal, but as much as he can, he tries to avoid having expectations — simply assuming that something is going to happen without doing the work.”

“When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment,” Reynolds says. “I didn’t expect to finish the marathon; I trained to finish it.”

“I didn’t expect to finish the marathon; I trained to finish it.”

How I love that quote, and I’m going to take it a little further. All too often, I feel my expectations (whether worked for or not) are unmet and that I’ve “failed” as a result. Continue reading “Goals vs. Expectations”

Escapism Via Film

the-proposal-posterI was reading a New York Times movie review of my new favorite flick, The Proposal, and something caught my eye worth sharing here.

The¬†review itself¬†was¬†(not surprisingly, as critics and the general public usually don’t see eye to eye on cinematic greatness)¬†pretty unfavorable — calling the romantic comedy formulaic and predictable, but “safe.”

Well, I saw it last Saturday, and I happened to love it.

Not only because I adore Sandra Bullock and have a little (ok, ginormous!) crush on Ryan Reynolds, but because I left the theater feeling happy. Uplifted.

In their comments, several¬†viewers noted that¬†they felt a movie like this — regardless of how predictable and safe as it was — served its purpose of simply entertaining us during tough times.

I couldn’t agree more. In spite of an¬†economic recession, wars all over,¬†getting hit that morning … none of that felt like it mattered when, for two hours,¬†I was¬†entertained in a movie theater by some gorgeous eye candy (both Ryan and Sandra are easy on the eyes) and borderline-over-the-top¬†humor.

Is “escapism” the new recession remedy? I know I have found myself reading more books, doing more low-key things. Continue reading “Escapism Via Film”