I’m In Chicago…

I’m in Chicago tonight and tomorrow doing venue visits for our second annual fall digital event. Fortunately, we have a Chicago office now, so we all actually have a place to call “home” when visiting for business. 

After my site visit tonight (the Hard Rock Hotel), I had dinner with a dear friend tonight at Luxbar and am going for a long sunrise run along Michigan Ave. in the morning before my other venue visits (the Renaissance and the Allegro if anyone is interested; we used Hotel 71 last year but they’re booked for the date we need).

Whenever I am in Chicago, I try to run either along Michigan Ave. or the lake-front, depending on where I’m staying.  I don’t run a ton at home, but when I travel, it’s my preferred form of exercise/exploration. It’s how I’ve familiarized myself with pretty much every city to which I’ve traveled. (Getting lost is quite fun too!) Continue reading “I’m In Chicago…”


Sweating is Good; Sweating Together is Better

Being such an exercise fiend, I don’t think I could date someone or marry someone that wasn’t as active as I am.

I hope that doesn’t make me sound bad …

I know not everyone is a fitness freak like me (and I don’t think anyone should be!), but healthy habits (such as exercise) are pretty important to me — and I like knowing they’re important to my husband, too.

I kinda want him around for a long, long time; ya know, that whole ’til death do us part’ thing?!

Like me, my husband uses exercise as a stress-reliever and a means to stay fit. But whereas he likes soccer and racquetball, I prefer the elliptical (with arms) and free-weights at the gym.

Together, we often run, walk or bike together. It’s a great way to spend quality time as a couple, and also to do something fun that’s also good for our physical and mental well-being. Continue reading “Sweating is Good; Sweating Together is Better”