An Alien Came and Ransacked My Brain

Not my fortune but I love it!

I have absolutely NO desire to exercise right now.

Who am I?!

I feel exhausted, tired, sleep-deprived, drained.

I’m not sure if it’s the grueling puppy-schedule-situation or what but I also feel no guilt associated with not (formally) exercising since last Thursday.

And for me to take three (potentially four, if I don’t make it tonight) days off without any guilt is seriously unheard of!

Due to a myriad of fun plans (yea!)  I couldn’t hit the gym — physically couldn’t get there during operating hours — and then the one time I could go (and even planned to go — Sunday) I opted to stay home with my husband and Rocco before heading to a friend’s baby shower. Yea, you heard me. I CHOSE to stay home. CHOSE to not exercise.

Who is this alien life form inside my brain!??! Continue reading “An Alien Came and Ransacked My Brain”


Bring On the Bagels!

Happy belated Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I am back from visiting my family in New Jersey. 🙂 We had a wonderful time doing what we do best: gabbing and noshing!

I  love my family so much and hate how far apart we live from each other.  The only person missing was my brother — but we’ll see him in 12 days in Korea 🙂

Anyway, we got in way too late for me to even think about blogging last night, so I figured I’d squeeze in a post tonight while my hubby is at class.

From a disordered eating recovery perspective, this weekend was, for all intents and purposes, a delicious carb-fest — and I enjoyed every bite. Continue reading “Bring On the Bagels!”

Relishing a Rest Day

Image credit: Corbis
I’ve always been the kind of person who just cannot sit still.

If I am home, I feel like I should be doing “something”: cleaning, organizing, cooking … it’s rare to find me lounging on the couch channel surfing, except for when I’m sick or snowed-in.

I don’t like taking a rest day from exercise, even though I know how important it is for my body. And napping? Ha!

But yesterday was a really tough, emotional day for me, and rest was my salvation.

My parents were here visiting us this weekend, and we’d had such a wonderful time… I didn’t want them to leave.

(Now that we’re in Michigan and they’re in New Jersey, I’m not the quick 5-hr drive I was like when I lived in DC.)

So we woke up really early Sunday to bring them to the airport, and I spent most of the morning sobbing after we hugged goodbye.

I calmed down on the drive home, my husband holding my hand. But when when we got home and I saw the guest room where they’d been sleeping, I just lost it. I can’t help it, I miss my family!

And my first response was “I should go running,” because that’s how I deal with stress–moving my body. Continue reading “Relishing a Rest Day”