An Unhealthy Obsession With ReddiWhip

fat_free1Oh ReddiWhip, (of the fat-free variety) how I love thee … let me count the ways!

This stuff is seriously crack to me. It’s addictive, versatile, and so damn good.

When I’m on my game, can I go through a can every three days, no joke. It’s supposed to serve 40 people at 5 calories a serving … but I eat it in three days; 1-2 pts a day … sigh. (The whole can is 200 calories).

I eat it on top of a 1/2 T of chunky PB — so delicious. Dolloped over ff/sf cocoa — so creamy. Or even squirted straight from the can — so rebellious. Continue reading “An Unhealthy Obsession With ReddiWhip”