Putting a Name to Face

This weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful lunch with a super-sweet blog reader, Alison. It felt like I was catching up with an old friend and I had a blast — thanks, Alison, we totally need to do it again soon, on your side of the state 😉

Every time I meet a friend in real life who I got to know in cyberspace or the blogosphere, I’m struck by the (beautiful!) irony of the situation.

Given the sensitive and taboo nature of my blog, it started out as a very anonymous blog … and then in time I got more comfortable with the idea of putting my name/face out there as a voice in recovery. Being so open has worked in my favor. In addition to having the support of my loved ones, now, in the past two years, I was interviewed for Fitness magazine about my exercise addiction history; went to a blogger meet-and-greet; and spoken at the FitBloggin’ conference … all very public “outings.” Continue reading “Putting a Name to Face”


Three Days … !

In three days, I will be holding my baby girl in my arms. Less than 75 hours. Do you know how mind-blowing that is?! (OK, yes, I’m sure you do, but allow me to marvel!).

Though I’ve always been freaked about not knowing  the “when”  (or “how”) when  it comes to labor and delivery, I have to admit, I think it’s equally bizarre to know!

December 18, 2010, I will become a mother … and though I’ve been known in my family as “Copernicus” for years …  I have never felt as selfless as I do now. Continue reading “Three Days … !”

The Past as Prologue? Not Necessarily…

I’ve mentioned a few times that Kate, a grad student at Columbia has been interviewing me for her thesis on disordered eating recovery and pregnancy.

One of the things we spoke about (during one of our many wonderful conversations this summer) was if there was any fear I’d pass along my disordered past to my daughter.

I’ll be honest; this is something that weighed on me long before I ever got a positive on a pee stick … or found out we were having a girl.

And while I can’t make any certain statements about the future, what I do know is this: though I realize I might always have some food issues — I still sometimes emotionally eat; sometimes mindlessly munch; sometimes have to stop myself from using exercise to “undo” a heavy eating weekend; sometimes have to remind myself that it’s OK to eat formerly “off-limits” foods without guilt — I am going to do my damndest not to actively pass on my insecurities to her.

So here’s the million dollar question … HOW?
Continue reading “The Past as Prologue? Not Necessarily…”

A Meaningful Moment Worth Mentioning

For years, when my husband and I have gone for ice cream, I’ve gotten FF frozen yogurt and drooled over his strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone.

I’d always have a taste of his– but never dared order a waffle cone myself. Call me ridiculous, but I had this stigma about it being “fattening,” “bad,” etc. Remember, it wasn’t too long ago when I used to label food and judge it.

Over the past year, and now into my pregnancy, I’ve definitely strayed from those black-or-white thoughts, replaced by a blurrier — but happier — world of gray.

And so after we took Rocco for a drive around town Friday night (he LOVES to go bye-bye in the car!), I decided to spring for my much-coveted waffle cone at our favorite local ice cream place (think a local version of Cold Stone Creamery, only better — and cheaper :)). Continue reading “A Meaningful Moment Worth Mentioning”

Go Real or Go Home

After a wonderful afternoon with our friends at our city’s annual RibFest followed by blueberry picking with my hubby, I was exhausted and hungry.

Hungry enough to eat something small, but not a real meal — and I certainly didn’t feel like cooking.

Hubby, who had eaten a small cow at RibFest,  wasn’t hungry yet (he’s THE most intuitive eater I know) but I knew I needed something soon or at midnight I’d be clamoring for the fridge or snack cabinet.

And all that sounded good was a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. Pure comfort food. My friend had just given me the most ripe tomatoes I’d ever seen and just knew they’d make for a perfect sandwich.

In the past, when low on Points for dinner (especially on nights my husband had class) I would have taken two slices of fat-free cheddar and tomatoes and smacked them between two slices of Sara Lee Delightful Wheat bread (“buttered” with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray)  and served it with a 0-point salad for a 2-Point “meal.”

And an hour later I’d be starving and end up ODing on junk I didn’t need because, though it pains me to admit it now, my dinner hadn’t been satisfying and left me genuinely hungry but also feeling deprived. Continue reading “Go Real or Go Home”

New Page: BUMP

I’m learning it’s fairly common in the blogosphere to share bump pics.

In addition to seeing them there, I’m a member of BabyCenter.com, where you see baby bumps of all shapes and sizes at the same exact point in pregnancy. It’s bewildering in a way, just HOW different each woman looks … but comforting, too. We’re ALL so unique!

I never thought I’d be the type to post pics of myself … but since my blog is about recovering from disordered eating issues and body image issues, what better proof of my recovery than showing the world how I’m embracing pregnancy and, well, gaining weight?

And, what better way to show my future daughter just how much her (otherwise modest) mommy loved her — so much that she’d take naked belly shots and post them on her blog for pretty much anyone to see?!

So I created a new page called “BUMP” (across the top nav) where I’ll be updating about every two weeks. If you’re grossed out or not interested in bump pictures, please DO NOT view them; I will not be offended!

But if you want to view the belly shots, go for it. And stay tuned for future pics every two weeks or so!

Random Round-Up of Ramblings

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was awesome — beginning with seeing Inception, which was absolutely mind-blowing, bewildering and excellent. I didn’t get about 90% of it during the movie, but after, caught on 😉 Definitely a confusing plot and subplot(s).

It was a weekend filled with hubby-time, friend-time, parties, impromptu dates, and puppy-time 🙂 Overall, feeling great!

A couple things to report in today’s totally random post.

First of all, I was soooo touched to see fellow WeAretheRealDeal contributor and blogging buddy Candice’s blog post today where she names my blog among her top five Blogs with Substance.

“Lissa is one of my fellow bloggers at We Are The Real Deal (well, okay, she blogs there a zillion times more frequently than I do) and I love seeing what she has to say on both of those sites and Twitter.  She and her husband recently adopted an adorable puppy named Rocco . . . and she also recently announced her pregnancy!  For those of us who have struggled with food issues, pregnancy can be a nervous time.  I love reading her thoughts about the experience; it always makes me think even more about my own experiences (a trait of a great blogger).”

Candice, I am so touched–and love reading your blog, especially about your adventures with Nate!! 🙂 Thank you for this tremendous honor!! Continue reading “Random Round-Up of Ramblings”