Cooking for Comfort

Sue's Simple French Onion Soup

Tonight, I made homemade French onion soup for the first time, and I gotta say, it was fabulous.

While I love French onion soup, I so rarely order it out — if anything, I’ll take a taste of my husband’s; it’s just simply too rich for me to have a whole bowl of on my own.

And while I’d heard it was easy to make, I’d never done it — til now.

Today was one of those cold, dreary, drizzly Michigan days where you just didn’t want to leave the house, and soup sounded like a perfect meal.

I knew my mom, dad and sister were making French onion soup back home in New Jersey, and I was already feeling pretty homesick and sad about us not all being together for the holiday. Continue reading “Cooking for Comfort”


Indulge: Oreo Balls

hpim1770After blogging yesterday about eating disorders and disordered eating, I found myself in a pickle, debating what to make for my office’s annual Thanksgiving potluck on Thursday.

The health-conscious me wanted to make a fat-free pumpkin fluff dessert — but yummy as it is, it’s full of artificial sugars and frankly, not really an exciting dessert.

So I opted instead to make what has become my “siganture” dessert, if you will — a real crowd pleaser, a treat I’ve been making mouths happy with for over two years now.

The magical dessert? Oreo Balls.

These little decadences are made with cream cheese and Oreos, and dipped in chocolate. Can we say simple and sinful? Continue reading “Indulge: Oreo Balls”

Hump Day Recipe Swap

bulgur-salad-ck-1160566-lI’ve noticed recently that I tend to front-load my calories, regardless of whether I have exercised in the morning or am planning to that night.

This is rarely deliberate; it’s usually a result of not sticking entirely to my meal plan — adding in something here, taking something out there to make up for it, etc.

One meal I never want to scrimp on (and always budget points for) is a Cooking Light recipe called Greek Bulgur Salad with Chicken. Continue reading “Hump Day Recipe Swap”