That One Thing

There are 365 days in a year, and today is only Day Seven–the sweet anticipation of being on the precipice of something exciting. Of a new year, a new month, a blank slate, a fresh start. A tabula rosa. 358 days to make something really awesome happen.

In many ways,  I feel like I’ve been very blessed in life and have accomplished many of my goals (both personally and professionally) — but there’s one thing I haven’t achieved that I’ve had my heart set on: getting a book deal.

For the past, oh, six years now, I’ve been saying my goal is to be a legit, published author with a book deal and an  agent — the real deal.

And I keep thinking about it … But that’s where my struggle lies.  Continue reading “That One Thing”


Fresh Ink: FitPregnancy

Blogging has led me to some incredible opportunities … and another one came to fruition today.

A couple months back, FitPregnancy asked its Facebook fans if anyone was willing to share their story of having battled an eating disorder or disordered eating issues prior to pregnancy; to discuss how they handled pregnancy with such a history. Continue reading “Fresh Ink: FitPregnancy”