progress …

Since recommitting to healthier eating and more exercise on March 31, my pants fit better, I feel stronger and leaner, and I’m down 6.6 pounds. On my frame, that’s pretty nice. Not noticeable to the eye or enough to drop a size, but still noteworthy.

As of my last weigh-in, I’m 0.4 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight … and that feels great. I gained 34 pounds this time vs. 25 last time. So nine months on; 6.5 months off (whereas last time, four months off). Continue reading “progress …”


Eyes Wide Open

I’ve always believed whatever your challenge in life, awareness is half the battle.

I know that until I was able to admit I had a problem — i.e., an obsession with food and exercise that led to disordered eating behaviors — I wasn’t going to get better.

I needed to see disordered eating as a problem before I could tackle it head-on.

Once you acknowledge a problem, situation, challenge …the rest is up to you. The next step in the process is to take action. In some cases, that might mean inaction. But for the most part, it means making a change of some sort, be it a behavioral change or a thought-process change. And this is the hardest part. Believe me, I know!

Speaking of awareness, today I read a great post by my new heroine, Bethenny Frankel, called Lesser Evils. She talks about how she doesn’t judge or qualify food, but sometimes we’re all forced to make a decision as to what is the “lesser evil” and how sometimes it can be surprising that what “seems” healthier might not be. I liked all that, but what really resonated was this:

She goes on to say, “Eat real foods. Your diet is a bank account. How are you going to invest?”

Reading that, I felt like I was hit with a bolt of lighting. I’ve definitely not been making good investments lately. Continue reading “Eyes Wide Open”

Learning When to Hold ‘Em

sick_in_bedAs you know, I’ve not been able to exercise since being sick with H1N1. This means I have not moved since my 4.5 mile walk (in heels) through Detroit Metro airport Tuesday night .. six days!

Seriously, unheard of for me.

I admit that for a fleeting moment it drove me a bit batty to realize I’m not burning*anything* through physical activity — all I’m doing is moving from the couch, to the tea kettle or fridge, to bed, to the toaster.  

But I quickly got over it when my rational brain spoke up and said, “Hey, you’re sick, cut yourself some slack. The gym will be there next week.” (or whenever).

Though I feel a lot better today (each day I’ve felt progressively better), I am listening to my body and not pushing myself. Continue reading “Learning When to Hold ‘Em”

Two Progress Tales

work-in-progressSaturday, my husband and I had a late lunch in Ann Arbor, where he had a study session for school. I was a little peckish a few hours after we got home, so I had a snack.

He was hungry-hungry, and so while we were watching MILK (awesome movie!) he made a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich, using Trade Joe’s Tuscana bread, real Swiss cheese (not the low-fat kind I usually have) and fresh tomato. He offered me a bite, and it was delicious.

I didn’t say anything about wanting one, but he could see I enjoyed it. And knowing me, he knew I wouldn’t want a full sandwich myself.

So a few minutes later, he came out of the kitchen with a mini version of this delicious sandwich for me, and a regular sized second one for him.

I gave it a split second of thought, and devoured it, savoring every bite. Continue reading “Two Progress Tales”

Toot Your Own Horn

Toot your own horn!
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It’s been so many days now that I’ve gone without chewing-and-spitting that I’ve actually lost count. I think I’m up to like 27??

I’m definitely giving myself credit for that!!

I am feeling strong–confident, but not cocky–in that department.

I feel like I’ve gained a lot of perspective these past few weeks as my life has resumed back to “normal” without our guests. Continue reading “Toot Your Own Horn”

Interested Vs. Committed

Our wedding rings, the ultimate symbol of commitment.
Our wedding rings, the ultimate symbol of commitment.
If someone asked me when I began my Weight Watchers journey, “Are you interested in or committed to losing weight,” I’d have surely replied, “Committed! 110%”

Back in 2004, it was so fresh and new. And I was committed, 110%!

Before Weight Watchers, I’d never dieted a day in my life, so it was easy to adapt it as a lifestyle. I knew nothing else.

I was learning to eat better, and to eat more sensible portions. Plus, I was working out more than I had been.

As a result, the scale kept rewarding me with smaller numbers week by week. My clothes were getting looser. And my confidence was soaring.

By the time I stepped off the plane in El Salvador to visit my then-boyfriend (now husband) in December, I was one hot mamita and man, I felt it!

But four years into this new body, the shiny-new-body-luster isn’t there anymore. I’m just “me.” Continue reading “Interested Vs. Committed”

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone
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For a control-freak, I have a challenging (but exciting) week coming up.

Monday through Wednesday, I’ll be “out of my comfort zone,” at AdTech in Chicago.

This means meals out, conference lunches I am stuck making do with, and a change-up of my exercise routine (likely running outside vs. the gym).

Then on Friday, my parents arrive from New Jersey for a much-anticipated (and much-needed weekend visit).

Two things we do best as a family are eat and gab, and we’ll be doing plenty of both. Though we’ll be grilling one of the days, there will be some meals out, and I will likely take Saturday completely off from exercise.

In the past, I’d look at these fun upcoming events with a mix of anxiety of the unknown and hope that I’d “do well.”

But this time, I just feel at ease, stronger and more confident. I know I’ll be fine. Because this is life, and there are work conferences and vacations to enjoy. Continue reading “Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone”