Ever since Maya was a tiny tot, we knew she was going to be opinionated and headstrong. Given who her parents are, this comes as no surprise: we’re both stubborn as hell, headstrong, and think we are right all the time. Naturally.

And from an early age, even before she could talk, it was evident she had a stubborn streak in her. When she was really small, it was cute — endearing, even. And ironically as an adult, that assertive, confident attitude will carry her far (provided she doesn’t stomp on the little people on her way up … !) But as a preschooler, it’s been a challenge, to say the least.

There’s a great phrase to describe these adorable little opinionated monsters/angels … #threenagers. They’re moody teens squished into toddler bodies, irrational as hell one minute and then clinging to you the next … Continue reading “Choices”


a tiny conscience

Today I worked from home with a sick Ben, so Luis picked Maya up at school.

She came running in the living room happy to see me. Then suddenly her eyes darkened and it looked like tears were about to form. “Mommy, I was on Green today at school,” she said quietly, burrowing her face into my shoulder. “I wasn’t listening.” Continue reading “a tiny conscience”

“I learned it at school”

We were FaceTiming with my parents as we do every Sunday when the topic of caterpillars came up — in relation to a Baby Einstein singing toy Maya had as a baby that Ben now is smitten with.

“I saw two caterpillars at school,” she told my parents, voice tinged with a combination of pride and sass.

“Oh, you did? Where were they, inside or outside?” my mom asked, assuming she had seen them on the playground following all this rain we’ve had.

“They were inside.” (Hmmm … OK. So I figured her teacher brought them in one to see or they had read a book about them).

“Really? Maya, do you know what a caterpillar turns into?” Continue reading ““I learned it at school””

What She Knows …

I’ve said it before, but we’re constantly blown away by all the things we don’t know that Maya knows.

For as much time as we spend together — teaching her, nurturing her — she still spends a good portion of her day at preschool. And though we get a little write-up each day detailing her day,  there’s no way to really grasp the full scope of what she is absorbing, short of being a fly on the wall. Continue reading “What She Knows …”

“THEN I Go To School?”

When Maya first began daycare at three months of age, I loathed the idea. I knew realistically I had to go back to work for a variety of reasons, but I hated the thought of anyone other than me or Luis caring for our child. And though I loved my job, I hated the thought of returning to the demands and structure of the workforce. But above all, I hated the idea of being away from my sweet baby all day.

I knew it would be hard, but I had no idea just how hard it would be. Those early days back at work were hell, made only worse by the rigorous and stress-inducing pumping schedule I had coupled with normal postpartum emotions. Those first few weeks I wondered every day if I was making a mistake and the only thing that kept me going was knowing I could get a real-time view of her daily life through the webcam at school.

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Clarity By Keynote

It’s pretty common knowledge here on my blog that I often question my decision to return to work. It’s not that I don’t love my job or the company for whom I work — I completely do — just that I.Miss.Maya. Plain and simple.

This week, however, I felt a little bit more sure of myself after hearing some stats at a brainstorming session I attended to address education issues in our community — and, perhaps even more important, felt even more sure about the specific childcare facility we have chosen for Maya.

Allow me to explain. Continue reading “Clarity By Keynote”