Take My Breath Away ….

They say life’s not about the number of breaths you take but rather the moments that take your breath away.

How true it is!

As a new mom, I have had tons of fleeting moments (already) where I’ve felt breathless.

Where I’m staring at Maya as her eyes flutter and she drifts to sleep and my heart literally stops and I cry tears of I don’t know what … joy, anticipation, happiness, fear, maybe a combo of all of the above.

Where I’m watching her and she’s watching me and I make a silly face and she opens her mouth and grins that gummy baby grin, exposing her adorable double dimples, saying “Gaaaahhh.”

Where I’m rubbing her back and can feel her soft, sweet, milky breath on my neck and her little arms wrapped around my shoulders.

Well, this weekend I had another one of those moments but it was a very specific, very poignant one. Continue reading “Take My Breath Away ….”

Anxiety to Bliss …

Today was pure anxiety and pure bliss all at once.

Since we began with our genetic testing drama at 10 weeks,  I’d been told around 22 weeks I’d need a fetal echo to rule out any heart defects.

This was because what they saw on the initial ultrasound (and what I was being tested up the wazoo for–increased nuchal translucency) could sometimes be related to a heart condition. (Ironic, given my role as the community manager for the American Heart Association, no?)

Today (though I was just 21 weeks, 2 days) we were scheduled for that test with a pediatric radiologist.

We went this morning as planned and fortunately everything looked GREAT!

It’s soooo amazing to see her wiggling about and to see how much she’s grown since the 15 week ultrasound — literally, she’s doubled in weight! (She weighs about 14 oz. now and is, if she wasn’t curled up, about the length of a carrot–love those analogies!). She also pursed her lips a little for us, and was moving her hands quite a bit. Continue reading “Anxiety to Bliss …”