I Missed My 5-Year Bloggiversary!

A friend from college announced that today is her five year bloggiversary and it suddenly hit me … I missed my OWN 5-year bloggiversary!

How did I do that?!! My blog was my first “baby”!

I blame it on pregnesia. Continue reading “I Missed My 5-Year Bloggiversary!”



As I shared in this post last September, I definitely experienced “pregnesia” or “pregnant brain” while pregnant — and was always told, “Just wait, it gets worse!”

Being the type of person I am — one who thrives on her impeccable memory of the minute details from a Tuesday in August fifteen years ago where so-and-so told me this-or-that — it’s quite surprising to me that mommybrain has taken hold on me the way it has.

Seriously. I’m a mess. Continue reading “mommybrain”